Carpigiani Gelato University Introduces Revolutionary "Gelato Smartfood" Course

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 04:00
Carpigiani Gelato University

Bologna-based Carpigiani Gelato University has recently launched the first “Gelato Smartfood” class, a revolutionary course of artisan gelato developed by Carpigiani Gelato University (CGU) in collaboration with SmartFood, a project of the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) based in Milan.

The goal is to teach professional and aspiring gelato artisans how to identify elements in plant-based foods that are beneficial to people’s health, thus educating consumers about healthy eating.

The idea comes from Canadian-Italian lifestyle designer, author and foodie Donna Brown. “The desire to eat better, with more healthy, preventive ingredients, has become a priority,” she explains. “My experience with CGU and IEO inspired me to develop exquisitely healthy gelato and sorbets: the ingredients are used in such a way as to reduce added sugars by 30-60%. In addition, the ingredients of these new flavors actively work for our health. Gelato is a food with strong roots in Italian traditional cuisine. Instead of trying to convince people to do without some pleasure, it’s better to make it as healthy as possible. Flavor is a prerogative that cannot be denied.”

Placing eating and lifestyle at the heart of well-being, even in a gelato shop, the course provides the knowledge necessary to develop a selection of gelato flavors with special attention to the nutritional quality of the ingredients and the production techniques. Gelato chefs will be able to offer customers a more healthy alternative from a nutritional point of view, while maintaining a strong connection to classic Italian tradition.

“Developing this aspect of artisanal gelato is very exciting,” says Gianpaolo Valli, senior instructor at CGU and one of the teachers of the new course. “Thanks to the revolutionary intuition of Donna Brown and the collaboration with IEO, at Carpigiani Gelato University we have been able to design for the first time in history a course that teaches how to develop an artisan gelato recipe that is delicious and … nutraceutical! This result confirms once again that gelato is a healthy food, capable of offering both moments of joy and at the same time nutrients that are necessary for good health.”

The two-day course will be held in English and Italian at the main campus of Carpigiani Gelato University in Anzola Emilia (Bologna). It is designed for expert gelato artisans who want to widen the array of flavors they offer their customers, as well as for future artisans who want to learn more about revolutionary developments in the gelato business.

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