Don't Miss: Venice Historic Regatta

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 02:00

Practiced in the Venetian lagoon for thousands of years, the Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) returns to Venice this Sunday, September 7.

It is a highly-awaited event every year, thanks to its spectacular water pageant, which re-enacts the glorious past of Venice, one of the most powerful maritime republics during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: 16th century-style boats with gondoliers in period costume carry the Doge, the Doge's wife and all the highest ranking Venetian officials up the Grand Canal in a brightly colored parade preceding the actual race.

The most famous regatta out of more than 120 that take place in Venice between April and September, it consists of four races that start in the Castello area and proceed west up the canal to the former convent of Santa Chiara; there, the boats turn around a paleto (pylon) and head for the finishing line in front of the Ca’ Foscari palace.

You can watch the Regata Storica from the uncovered floating stalls set up along the Grand Canal near Campo San Vio. Ticket price: €60. You can buy your ticket online here

Watch one of the races from last year: