Dress to impress

Mon, 05/14/2007 - 13:03

We take a look at what exclusive menswear designer Pal Zileri has available this season for grooms and their wedding guests

PAL ZILERI CLOTHING has a vast range of beautiful collections including separates, suits and tuxedos made from the softest light wool, silk and cashmere imaginable. The attention to detail is what sets it apart from the competition and it is known that suits can go through over 180 processes, from the cut to the stitching of a single button. Once made, the garments are checked thoroughly, by in-house experts, to ensure that every thread is in place and that the fabric falls perfectly. The company ensures that all of its pieces are worn with apparently no effort and its dashing Ceremonia collection will have every groom drooling. There are dark and subtle hues that work well together, but it is also the fabrics and textures that stand out in a crowd, handy if you're in a wedding throng and want to be seen.


The Ceremonia collection this year is dedicated to precious and non-precious metals where they take stunning colours that glimmer such as silver, steel, iron and copper. The theme of wedding attire this season is matching suits, shirts and waistcoats together to combine different patterns ranging from a seventieslike geometrical style to a lighter more delicate floral blue pinstripe jacket, with proud white buttons, blue and white thick-striped shirt and a light-coloured silk tie and to complete the look don't forget a silk white handkerchief in the top pocket. Alternatively, wedding guests could opt for a darker blue with slimmer pinstripes and a matching width stripe in a shirt that's of a contrasting, but complementary colour such as one. Colours range from a blue-black, night-black and natural white to a brown and grey tone coupled with accessories of greeny-blue and "aged" gold and copper. Materials used are original blends of fabrics, such as silk and viscose, which are fresh and elegant as well as more classic combinations such as wool and viscose that result in a distinguished gloss-opaque variation. It is known in the industry that Italian wedding guests are distinguished, but more sober in dress than the groom. They'll usually wear a light woollen fabric in black, grey and dark blue colours. Popular with grooms is the Pal Zileri pinstripe which ranges from three millimetres to two or three centimetres. With made-to-measure there is no limit to the width of pinstripe. A stylish and sleek suit is the light grey single-breasted pinstripe with a touch of colour such as a light pink tie and stark, pressed white shirt. Another show-stopping combination is a light blue suit with a powder blue shirt worn with a striped orderly tie and white handkerchief in the top pocket. Pinstripe jackets and suits work incredibly well with a bold striped shirt, which may seem mismatched but in fact is stunning. This can be seen with the collection's dark a peachy pink. The tie should be wide with a striking pattern such as blue base with white paisley swirls and again the white pocket handkerchief. Naturally, all the outfits will look that much better with a good and sturdy pair of designer sunglasses, a golden tan and a sleek haircut. Something the Italians seem to have been born with.

...to add an elegant touch cuff-links and a waistcoat should be worn...


Grooms will also find that with Pal Zileri there is no limit to the amount of varied outfits they can choose for the big day: there are between an astounding 300 to 400 variations, depending on what the season has to offer. Interesting suits to look out for (to ensure that you make a jaw-dropping entrance) are the Pal Zileri suits in shantung silk with double threads in copper and silver combined with a co-ordinated shirt and shantung silk tie in a simple colour. Pal Zileri's advice is that the three things grooms should bear in mind, when finding their perfect outfit, are to co-ordinate with the bride's dress. Also, to add an elegant touch cuff- links and a waistcoat should be worn, the shoes and belt should match the tone of the suit and the pocket handkerchief should co-ordinate with the shirt, tie and waistcoat. Italian grooms will normally wear classic suits that are dictated by the choice of soft and pliable fabrics available. Pal Zileri says that cuts grooms are veering towards at the moment are slightly shorter jackets and skinnier trousers. Suits are available throughout the year and a two-piece suit starts from €645. To ensure that the fit is perfect, have your fitting and leave around three weeks for delivery. So to make an entrance at your Italian wedding, make sure you head to your nearest Pal Zileri store. You will attract compliments worthy of any well-dressed wedding participant, whether you're standing at the top of the aisle or watching the happy couple from the wings, dabbing your eyes with a white silk handkerchief. www.palzileri.com