Eataly NYC Celebrates Tuscan Olive Oil

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 05:05

This February, Eataly brings Tuscany and its olive oil to New York.

In collaboration with the Consortium of Olio Toscano IGP, Eataly NYC will be hosting throughout February a program devoted to some of the best 2013 extra virgin olive oils from Tuscany.

As explained on Eataly’s website, “the Consortium’s IGP label (Indicazione Geografica Protetta, or Protected Geographical Indication) ensures that its extra virgin olive oils are produced entirely in Tuscany – from the grove to the bottle. Just as with wines, extra virgin olive oils are an expression of the land from which they come and the hands that cultivate and harvest them. While Tuscan extra virgin olive oils are often characterized by their grassy nose and peppery flavor with gentle bitter finish, no two producers’ oils are the same, as each grove interprets differently the first warming rains of the spring and the uncompromising heat of mid-August that ripens each fruit to perfection, ready for the autumn harvest.”

Throughout the month, customers will have the chance to meet the producers behind Tuscan oils and "taste the nuances that make them typically Tuscan." Customers can select their favorite olive oils through producer tastings in the store, take a class led by in-house master oleologist Nicholas Coleman, or sample the olive oils featured in all of Eataly’s restaurants.

After all the controversy surrounding Italian olive oil sparked by a New York Times piece, which ITALY Magazine covered here, this is a good chance to learn and get a better understanding about the authentic thing.

For details, visit the Eataly website.