Italian Regions Requiring a Form to Enter

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 00:00
Cala Monte Turno beach in Sardinia Italy

Italy reopened the borders of its regions to Italian and European travelers on June 3. It is now possible to move for tourism again, but a few regions request that travelers fill out a form providing contact details as a way to track and trace anyone who may become infected with the coronavirus at a later stage. 

The Italian regions requiring the form at the moment are Sardinia, Puglia and Basilicata, all three of which were hit with relatively low numbers, especially as compared to northern Italian regions. 

The island of Sardinia, a very popular summer destination with Italians, requires anyone arriving by plane or boat to complete a 'Sardegna Sicura’ (Safe Sardinia) registration form. The information to be provided includes contact and ID details, dates of arrival and departure, ferry or flight information and the accommodation address unless it’s a private house. 

Visitors must agree to prevention rules such as social distancing as mandated by national and regional ordinances and must inform local authorities if they develop symptoms, agreeing to undergo tests.

Visitors will need to show the form to airline and ferry personnel before boarding. 

Visitors to Puglia also need to register online, then email the form to health authorities in the province they’ll be visiting. 

This is in order to “allow the regional task force to carry out epidemiological surveillance activities.” Therefore, people who enter Puglia from other Italian regions or from foreign countries must fill out the designated form and also keep a list of the places they’ve visited and the people they’ve met during their stay for 30 days.

However, those who enter Puglia for work, health, absolute urgency, and for the transport of goods must not complete the form (as if they were exempt from catching the virus? Not sure about the reasoning).

It also recommends downloading the app Immuni for contact tracing.

The region of Basilicata has created a dedicated platform to trace anyone entering the region. To access it, users need to have a codice fiscale, which is similar to a social security number. As of June 9, Basilicata had 9 cases of coronavirus and of the 366 tests carried out on that day none was positive.

Basilicata isn’t as popular as Puglia or Sardinia for summer vacations, but these low numbers may attract visitors who want to feel safe.