Motor Valley Fest Celebrates Italian Excellence in Luxury Car Industry

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 06:46
Motor valley
Motor Valley Fest. Photo courtesy of APT Servizi Emilia-Romagna.

The Unesco city of Modena will serve as the backdrop for a big event dedicated to Italy’s luxury car brands: the third annual edition of Motor Valley Fest, scheduled to take place from Thursday July 1 to Sunday July 4 in various locations across town. 

Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region is known as the ‘Motor Valley’: it’s here that some of the world’s most beloved luxury vehicles, known for their brilliant design, technology and performance, are made, from Ferrari to Lamborghini, from Dallara to Maserati. They have come to represent an important sector of the Made in Italy brand, to be showcased through a series of events, exhibitions and meetings. 

Motor Valley Fest celebrates the know-how and high quality of companies and brands that originated in Emilia-Romagna and are now known all over the world; participants will have the chance to discover, through a varied program of activities, the history and latest innovations of the Italian automotive and motorcycle tradition, and the uniquely Italian combination of technology, tradition, creativity and beauty.

The rich calendar of events features:  

  • 45-minute roundtable discussions, which will explore hot topics such as sustainability, digitization, racing, innovative technologies, new consumption trends and the future of mobility with key industry players. The meetings will also be live streamed on the website. 
  • Temporary themed exhibitions and pop-up events set up within Modena’s squares, palaces and galleries.
  • All four regional racetracks in Emilia-Romagna, including the iconic ‘Imola Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari’, home to Formula One Grand Prix, and the Misano World Circuit, which hosts both MotoGP and World Super Bike races, will be open for a number of events hosted by the car manufacturers, including test drives and spectator shows.
  • Visits to Emilia-Romagna’s 13 museums dedicated to the motor industry, including Museo Ferrari Maranello, which attracts over 200,000 visitors every year, and the Museo Enzo Ferrari (MEF) dedicated to Enzo Ferrari, founder of the iconic brand. Participants will have the chance to tour Ferrari’s childhood home and his father’s workshop. 
  • In addition to the museums, 19 private collections are found across the region, housing rare exhibits, such as the Righini collection, in the medieval Castle of Panzano at Castelfranco Emilia, which displays the legendary 815 from 1940, known as the first car built by Enzo Ferrari, and the classic 1912 Fiat Chiribiri, which could reach remarkable speeds for the times.
  • The Modena area is also known for its rich culinary traditions, and Motor Valley Fest will honor the region’s cuisine. Indeed, one of the event’s ambassadors is celebrated Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura.

For more information, visit the Motor Valley Fest's website