Packing Tips for a Glamourous Holiday in Milan, The City of Fashion

| Fri, 12/12/2014 - 02:30

Words by Gemma Fiorentino and Cristina Badone, bloggers for LeConqui 

Italy is one of the top five countries that many people want to visit at least once in their life and in fact a lot of our blog followers ask us what to wear and what to pack during a holiday in Italy, especially in Milan, our fashionable city.

First of all, you have to know a few basics about Italian climate, culture and lifestyle. Once learning this, everything else becomes a lot easier!

If you are planning a holiday in Milan during the fall or winter, remember that it’s quite cold and humid, not like London of course, but the weather can play some fun ‘jokes’, so don’t forget to bring heavy jackets, sweaters, a scarf and/or headdress.

We suggest choosing dark and neutral clothing that you can mix and match in order to wear these items two or three times during your trip. In Italy, and especially in Milan, we are used to wear more muted colors matched in a harmonic way, so remember that wearing bright colors screams “TOURIST” in capital letters. 

For example, skinny jeans are perfect with basic shirts or sweaters during the day, while a top or a nice blouse pairs well with high heels shoes for the evenings.

Consider that we tend to dress up a bit more fashionable for dinner…and in general to be honest. It doesn’t mean that you need a cocktail dress or a dinner jacket to go to a restaurant, but please, if you are going to La Scala Theatre, leave your jumper and jeans in your hotel and choose a nice dress or a suit!

Do you find it all too difficult? Don’t worry about it: dressy accessories will help! We agree the 'devil’s in the details' and therefore a statement necklace, a pretty silk scarf, nice leather shoes and bags can do the work of a complete outfit for a quarter of the packing space in your luggage.

Talking about shoes, they are very important for your holiday in Milan because you’ll be doing a lot of walking for sightseeing and for shopping of course. For fall and winter we suggest flat leather boots or trendy sneakers, they are easy to walk in and they keep your feet warm.

Finally, make sure to leave your suitcase one-third empty: this way, you'll have enough room for the plentiful Italian fashion items that you will find in Milan! 

If you need some tips about what to buy to be really glamourous and keep the “Italian Style” once you're back home, have a look at these fashion trends for Fall and Winter!

Are you ready to discover the coolest city in Italy?

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