Things to Do and See in Italy in November 2020

Tue, 11/03/2020 - 04:49

John Bensalhia logs on to a collection of new events for November...

With the colder months coming in, the global Covid-19 pandemic remains. With that in mind, many of the original scheduled events for this month have been altered. In some cases, a number of events have been postponed until next year, while others have been rearranged to ensure that maximum safety practice is observed, with a sizeable bulk moved online – ensuring that as many people can still enjoy the festivals in safety and comfort.

As with the previous events guides, please check the provided websites for any news and changes in circumstance.


Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto

Throughout November 2020

Providing an in-depth look at the language and culture of food, Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto is now Live and Digital, with the event running all the way through November.

This bi-annual event is the ultimate gathering of agri-food producers and artisans from around the globe. While there will be live events pencilled in to occur during the six-month run (Turin), the bulk of events have been organised to go online. The participants of the event will have their own digital platform, and while visitors may not be able to buy products in the traditional way, an online shop can ensure that they pick up some of the best in agri-foods. They can also get a taste of many of the current hot topics in the sector, with discussions and opinions on the agrobiodiversity of global foods.



5th - 8th November 2020

With the scientific age heralding the use of technology and computers, it seems apt that this year's FestivalScienza (celebrating its 13th birthday) comes to you digitally.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect events around the world, but while some have been postponed, others continue to go ahead online. FestivalScienza is a case in point, using the online medium to bring you interactive exhibitions, workshops, readings, debates, seminars and performances on a choice of scientific subjects.

It's a good learning method for children, who can enjoy and learn from specially geared online initiatives. In fact, while the science-savvy will find much to enjoy here, so too will everyone. It's a festival for all the family, who can find out about subjects including genetic engineering, the human brain, materials, and the wonders of the universe.

Latin American Film Festival

7th - 15th November 2020

Another festival to go to the virtual world is the Latin American Film Festival, which goes digital this November.

In fact, it has been recently announced that the 35th edition of the festival will be a hybrid affair, in accordance with ensuring maximum safety for everyone. Part of the festival will be held at the  location of the Cinema Teatro Miela, and part of it online. The official website says that the pandemic has  “not altered the richness of the program which will be as vast, varied and complex as ever!”

Various award categories will recognise the best in recent Latin American film, with online facilities making for an ideal showcase medium.

Fa’ la Cosa Giusta! Do the Right Thing!

20th - 29th (online) and 27th - 29th November 2020

A combination of in-person and online awareness of living sustainable lifestyles, Fa’ la Cosa Giusta! returns for its 20th edition.

The national fair of conscious consumption attracts a broad spread of fair trade shops, organic farmers, environmentally-friendly companies and businesses. It's a chance for visitors to both sample and learn more about lifestyles that they either wish to try or gain more knowledge of.
This is where the online aspect of the event pays dividends. A number of talks and sessions will be held virtually on various subjects including The Way of Oropa, which looks at the connection between nature and spirituality; Fear and Hope: African Lessons On The Pandemic; The 100 Walks Of Lombardy; and the alternatives to single-use plastics.

Good Living Festival

26th - 29th November 2020

The 11th edition of the Good Living Festival is another event that will, for this year, mix face-to-face and online presentations about healthy, safe and fair living.

After the challenges of 2020, the Good Living Festival is especially important. A wide spread of opinions on subjects like health, well-being, welfare, and ethics will be delivered by an equally eclectic range of writers, journalists, artists and economists.

While the festival will take place in Forlì, all events will be available to stream online. All the relevant safety precautions will be in place for the event. As the official website says: “Never before, in exposing our vulnerabilities, is there a need for good living.”


26th - 29th November 2020

Also online this year is popular comics event, Cartoomics. Despite not going ahead in the real world, the online version is expected to attract many visitors, with in excess of 100,000 predicted to tune in.

A packed and varied roster of comic-related events has been arranged for this special event, which is now in its 27th year. Among the happenings are previews of forthcoming TV programmes and series, book presentations, and cosplay opportunities for familiar characters from the worlds of comic books, TV and film.

Bagna Cauda Day

27th November - 6th December 2020 

This year's celebration of Bagna Cauda has been given the green light, with the organisers promising a “widespread and safe edition” of the annual event. It will span two separate long weekends in November and December.

The 8th edition to mark this popular Piedmontese culinary delight has been chosen to repeat the event the following weekend as a means of avoiding mass gatherings. With more than 150 restaurants and clubs in both Piedmont and around the world offering the dish, the decision was made in order to allow visitors to enjoy the event while in safety. For the participating locations, please check the above website – it is also important to phone to confirm a booking.