Museums Free for Ladies on International Women's Day

Mon, 03/07/2011 - 12:32

What is art without women?

Italy’s Ministry of Culture has posed this question as their slogan for International Women’s Day, which is celebrated today.

8 March 2011 marks the 100th International Women’s Day. The date is set aside as a special day of recognition for women and their contributions to society. This year, the Italian Ministry of Culture has chosen to highlight women’s specific contribution to art.

While the traditional gift of the day is yellow mimosa flowers, the Italian government is giving away free museum admission instead. Today, ladies will be granted free entrance to all state art museums, archaeological sites, and libraries. Many of the state institutions have organized special themed exhibitions for the commemorative day.

For a list of the Italian state sites that are offering free admission to the fairer sex today, check Beni Culturali.