Italy shocked by FIFA surprise decision

Sun, 04/01/2007 - 08:00

Sunday 1st of April thousands of Italian football fans will demonstrate all over Italy against FIFA' s decision to strip Italy of World Cup championship title. After a long investigation FIFA's technical team proved that the ball kicked by Trezeguet during the penalty had been tampered with. Someone had switched the official one with a slightly egg-shaped ball which caused the champion to miss the shot.

Trezeguet claimed: "The moment I kicked it I knew there was something wrong with it. It spanned more like a rugby ball but, you know, that was not the time to bring the issue out."

France coach Domenech commented "France definitely deserve the title. I am very proud of the good job the guys did. I want to thank FIFA for the thorough investigation and for the final decision. You see, the roundness of the ball is fundamental to this game.".

And new speculations about the Materazzi - Zidane incident spread on the web, apparently Materazzi told Zidane that they would have lost mentioning something about the balls and Zidane misunderstood his words and thought about something really rude.

Only now he realised that the Italian just wanted to warn him against the fraud he had heard about.