Word of the Week: NEVE

Mon, 01/05/2015 - 09:10
snow in Italy
Having spent five winters in Rome, I never saw snow - la neve - like in the UK. However, I have spent a very wintery weekend in Venice a few years ago, where there was lots of neve (which is a feminine noun)!
The verb is nevicare - to snow:
Oggi nevica - It’s snowing today
For a mix of rain and snow - sleet - in Italian we say il nevischio, for example:
È previsto il nevischio domani - They’re predicting sleet for tomorrow.

Alesha is an Oxford graduate of Italian who is back in London after years spent living and working in Rome as a language teacher and PR consultant. Alesha is CEO and Italian teacher at Alesha’s Italian Masterclass, which runs group Italian immersion courses at Italian restaurants and cafes such as Nonna Rosa’s in Coulsdon, and private lessons throughout London. You can contact her at italianmasterclass@hotmail.com or through Facebook or Twitter. Her website is www.italianmasterclass.co.uk.