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05/19/2009 - 17:16

Ciao,I've lurked around the edges of the old forums, contributing the occasional post.Our house isn't completed yet, i've been living out here for more than a year now.The old forums were a very useful source of info to me, at times, I hope this will be too!


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Hi Moxie,Thanks for the welcome and your suggestion to join the Marche group.  A question, what does it do?I did read (on the old forum) that someone was trying to instigate Italian/English conversation evenings - now that would be excellent.... but not until my house is finished!szq

 We are a group of English Marchigiani who swap information and organise events etc - a kind of community within the community.You are free to input as much or as little as you are comfortable with.Take a look?Moxie

Hi, szq, and welcome to the community. You say that the old forum had useful information for you, but, after living in Italy for more than a year now, I am sure that you can teach us plenty through your own experience. So don't be shy and share it with us. We all look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Gala,Many thanks for your welcome and encouragement to participate more!In reality, I suspect I will "lurk" a little longer as I'm on site (at the house) the majority of time, and i'm totally focussed on finishing the house and living there!My fingers are crossed for a speedy finish to the build!szq