If anyone needs any help or advice or project managing

10/08/2009 - 12:54

If anyone needs any help or advice or project managing restoration work in the Langhe region, let me know! I now have lots of experience and good building contacts! Faustina

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Hi FaustinaI have a property near Canelli that we have just finished a restoration on. Its always good to have local contacts though.Don't suppose you know of a good wood worker do you? We are going to need a sturdy (but basic) outside eating table and a couple of benches next year. Just can't seem to find one that 'works' and doesn't cost a fortune!Ian

Hi, Have a house in Mombarcaro. Looking to have a brick patio constructed this summer. Just started enquiring about possible builders so any advise would be great!   Thanks, Chris

Hi there, I have a house in the Asti area that I am thinking of renting next year but am unsure of the rules and regulations governing this.  I live permantely here.  Any advice, tips or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Crewsit, I think you may have piggy backed on to an old thread, it may be worth you starting a new one in relation to your question. Faiing that there should be loads of previous posts on this subject if you use the Community Search tab on the right hand side and enter 'Rentals' or Letting out a property ....you get the gist ..... that should bring up previous posts about that subject. Cheers Ph