Just when I was getting fed up with hidden

10/18/2009 - 12:58

Just when I was getting fed up with hidden costs for electricity, getting rattled   with estimated bills, (always wrong too) being charged upfront for electricity I may not even use, and all those other complex "variables" ENEL it appears have responded and come up with a new product called Tutto Compreso. Effectively, this product offers a guaranteed fixed rate for consumption per month, depending on whether you are a low, medium, or larger user (like me!).

According to my calculations, (if anyone is interested I can show you how I calculated my annual consumption) I would save at least 200 Euro per year, and the main benefit is you know upfront what you are billed for. If you go over the monthly allowance of units (KWh), the pricing again is fixed per unit. 

Could this be what we are all looking for?

To help there is an online calculator, to help you decide what plan to go for, and for summer use, when consumption is lower, you can switch down to a cheaper plan. But, I understand this option is only available once per calendar year.

Anyone else heard or tried it before I give it a go?



From the website, the tariff they are quoting is for a resident 3Kw supply. If non-resident, or supply over 3Kw then it is an extra 9 Euros per month. Did try the calculator, but my usage exceeded that, so would have cost much more than I pay now. The catch is the 32 cents per Kw over the limit allowed.

WARNING- If you have over 5kw and  its enel energia avoid it like the plague, they rang me a year ago and told me they could secure my price for 1 year, like a fool I imagined it would be less than my current price but did'nt check as I was in the middle of cooking, (yes I know) should have checked but too late when the bill came.Nov/Dec bill with Enel  280 euroJan/Feb bill with Enel energia  1100 euro (same appliances, same people in house)When I contacted them they told me pay in 5 days or will disconnect, it took me 4 months to pay it off, by which time I had recieved the summer bill 440 euros (usually about 180) and they won't release you from the contract until all bills paid so now going into a 2nd winter with them, although all the debts cleared they told me it will take 2 months to put me back with the normal Enel, so stuck with it till Jan and no ombudsman or complaints procedure.

They rang me today and i must dmit I was fairly taken in by them, until we got to the part where the recorded message comes over the phon e  and you have to say "si si si" in answer tothe questions asked, so I told her I didnt want to do that to send me the contract first through the post and then I would sign it and send it them back, No they carn't do this , they told me everything is done this way now, so i told them to stick it and said no .I realise how difficult it is to get out of these things after, wether the Italian version of consumers would be able to help you, qui gia Im not sure but it may be worth a try.