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11/02/2009 - 21:02

Hello Everyone: David & I (Cheryl) are building a 1bed apartment in Pizzo Beach Club, Pizzo, Calabriato be completed in March 2010.  Can anyone reccommend a furniture store with quality furniture   on a smallscale as this is both tiny (40sqmeters) & will be rented out  when we are not there. Thank-you



Hi there is a new shopping centre in Catanzaro lido called "La Fountaine". This centre has a large Brico as well as several large stores.  It is well sign posted when you get into Catanzaro. Happy shopping!!

Hi Cheryl and welcome. I agree with Nigelgh's advice, Ikea may be helpful. There is an Italian furniture chain called Mondo Convenienza, which also has some good prices. Have a look to see whether there is a store near your place: any case, I would not spend a fortune on furniture if the apartment is going to be rented. Just some nice looking things should do.Best wishes regarding your plans 

Hi Cheryl,Welcome to the forum and I am sure you will receive lots of advise over all things Italian.We too have bought in Calabria and moved all of our locally purchaed furniture into our Italian retreat in Zambrone just over a year ago. We sourced our furniture and electrical items from a number of places, but the main outlet was Mercatone Trony in Gizzeria Lido, which is north of Lamezia, off the old road up the coast. There is an added advantage in that they have an english guy working there called Gino and he is very helpfull.Other furniture stores which could be of interest are Aiazzione and Mobilificio. Both are situated just off the road from Lamezia to Catanzaro in a place called Maida. This will be the closest major shopping centre for you and has a large Carrefour, together with one of the best Bricos around.Good luck. 

Hi CherylWelcome to the Forum and good luck with your project.  I too can recommend Mondo Convenienza (Gala Placida's suggestion).  Though there is a joke that it is "Mondo Inconvenienza" we have found their Viterbo outlet very helpful and the delivery men very good.  There is a delivery charge I seem to recall but that seems to include putting the furniture together - a good idea as it probably avoids a lot of stress and some marital disharmony!

Try Turco in Campora San Giovanni. It's a huge store with a wide selection including kitchens. The owner's son speaks fluent English and they offer a very personal service. I'd say it's higher quality therefore more expensive than say Mercatone Trony and Aiazzione depending on your budget, but you get what you pay for.