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12/10/2009 - 15:39

Hi, Does anyone know a joinery company that is able to supply new chesnut french doors, new windows, shutters (louvered and solid). We are based in Tuscany but need to get a competative quote on a large amount of doors, windows and shutters so are looking for suppliers who are willing to supply in that area. All sugestions welcome. If they speak English then so much the better!! Thanks



The words you need to google is serramenti in legno toscana-just done it and loads of companies-I know there is a big one around Viareggio somewhere but can,t remember the name. If you've got loads to do then you'd probably get a deal with a bigger company but expensivo to be sure. Other than that local carpenters-falegnameria-especially if its an old house so each one would have to be measured. Ball park figure for one window plus persiani(shutters) in castagno )would I think be around 800-1200euro minimum. Expensive-thats why the Italians all go for the alluminium versions...shas

 I would agree with shas. One family I know were looking last year to replace all their external, windows and doors, shutters etc. (in new chestnut). Some of the windows were arched but overall normal sizes. If I remember correctly, qoutes were around €27,000 for 29 units.

 We can recommend Falegnameria Gabrielli in our area. They did quite a lot of work in our place from the times of the previous owner, including the replacement of all windows and dooors, down to a custom-made kitchen in our case. They are very good and reliable. They are located at Ponte a Diana, on the road from Bagni to Abettone (Via Val di Lima)

I had to replace all the doors, windows and shutters when my place was renovated. Several window sizes were altered and a local carpenter who has his own 'falegnameria' was used. I certainly couldn't afford chestnut, even though it is almost a 'local timber' hereabouts, but as I wanted 'pale coloured serramenti' I was advised to go for swedish pine. All windows, shutters and doors were made to measure, treated and were ready before the rendering was completed. They were fitted in March 2005 and I have had no problems with them whatsoever. The shutters are all louvre style and the windows all have 'open or tilt' fittings on one half. There are three sets of 7ft french doors with shutters, 4 sets of 5ft windows - one with shutters and the other three (downstairs) under the portico and balcony with just the heavy metal anti thief grill. The front door is a 1 + 1/4 opening and was made to my design. Plus 5 2ft6in x 3ft6in opening windows under the roof. Oh, and I frogot the two bathroom windows too - so, in all, a total of 14 windows, one front door and 4 sets of shutters. The total cost, including fitting and IVA (but excluding any internal doors) was €13.700,00 which - at that time was equal to £9,650.00...... (€1,420 to £1.00  *sigh*) in those days. I think if you look around many smaller villages and see the shutters etc. used you may see a definite pattern which could point to a local carpenter doing a lot of the work. Many of the houses in my village have doors and windows made to measure by 'Mastro Geppetto', our (my) village carpenter.

 We had to put in new doors & windows throughout the house. There were 36 external doors/windows all double glazed with external shutters (also included a big glass entrance arch with entrance door in it). Plus all the internal doors (11 I think). All were in 'noce'. Total cost €52k before IVA

Hello Kensington2 Like everything here you really need to shop around for prices, I would certainly forget Pine for this region with the contrasts in Winter & Summer weather. You also need to check the quality of the finish, such as double-glazing and the number and type of seals around each opening window/door. As per the reccommendation from Gala Placidia for 'Gabrielle' at Ponte Diana, I would not reccommend them as their quality is not up to modern standards, the timber sections they use are usually small which then only allows a very small double-glazed section. We had our windows and doors made by a company near St Marcello, both the window & door section is 90mm thick and 20mm glazed unit, each one also has three seals against the elements. PM me if you need any futher details. Ciao Brianm  

We had 24 doors and windows (including 2 large arched glass doors and 3 french windows) plus internal shutters made in rovere, which was the same price a chestnut, and it cost us €13,000. They were made locally and are excellent quality. This was a 40% discount on the original price he quoted us. I would also conside the integral fly screens which up the price a little but ar emuch neater than having to add them afterwards. Shop around and negotiate hard would be my advice.

Quote: "Like everything here you really need to shop around for prices, I would certainly forget Pine for this region with the contrasts in Winter & Summer weather. You also need to check the quality of the finish, such as double-glazing and the number and type of seals around each opening window/door." I can only speak for the quality and durability of the Swedish pine windows and shutters that I have. We also suffer some pretty high extremes of temperature up here in the Alps too. Anything from +42°C to -30°C, and yet my double glazing, with it's extra wide 'air pocket' and rubber seals, keeps my rooms very warm in winter and super cool in summer. There are virtually NO draughts! The wood too is in excellent condition and will not require any treatment (I am advised) for another 4/5 years. In fact all the fittings are still like new.  

You can save yourself a huge amount of money if you have a van or someone to get the stuff for you from France. Try where you can order all your windows and doors on average at a quarter of the cost of buying anywhere in Italy. You would need to choose the store closest to you over the border in France. Online orders can be placed for a 20% credit card deposit and they take approx 2-3 weeks until you can get collect the stuff from that store. They have a large range of standard sizes but will make to order which may take a little lomger. If you know someone in France or speak French yourself you can ring the store before collection to ensure it's ready for pick-up. We have made numerous trips for all sorts of stuff and even adding the cost of travelling from Le Marche we still save a huge amount each time. If you're prepared to do a little internet reasearch into it you can save thousands and get good quality products

  We had some excellent windows and doors made by Barselotti who are in Capella, near San Cassiano, near Bagni di Lucca. I don't have the details to hand but you can google for their web site. Sofia was born and raised in England so speaks perfect English.   Good luck.   Fabbriche

  Average   Just a thought - we have done a new build (originally going to be restoring a little barn but had to start from scratch) and the Commune, and the Arts people who care about what goes on in the area were VERY fussy about what we could and could not have. For example, as it was a rural bar, no outside shutters!Check with your geometra/architect before making any decisions.   Buon Noel   Fabbriche

 hello I bought an apartment in Bagni di Lucca and was after a contact. Has any one got the number of a builder in Bagni Di Lucca. I am looking at having 2 aluminium shutters fitted and a leaking roof sorted.   regards   Lee

I am buying a house in Pontremoli are there any local carpenters in the nearby towns such as Gunadi? Also what is recommended when looking for carpenters, plumbers etc? Many threads suggest to keep cost down maybe try local builders or ship from abroad items such as shutters. Thank you for any advice anyone can give for the Pontremoli region.

Hi Yasmin, I am Giovanni, a local Buiding Surveyor (Geometra) running a Buiding company.We work in Lunigiana ( I used t go to school in Pontremoli), if you want we can meet so we can see if I can help you.As a building surveyor I can help you with the consruction part, beurocratic documentation and anything else for your property.I am attaching my website link here so you can have an idea of what I do, you will find my contacs so if will be any question you will know where to find me. regarsGiovanni Johnny Maulicino 

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Hello Giovanni, Thank you for your kind reply and information/ website. I will take a look at your website and get back to you. I shall be able to meet with you if you would like to come and meet with you for a quote.I shall be returning to Italy end of the month early June. speak with you soonYasmin 

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Hello, I have just sent you a email and was wondering if you can visit me next week on the 7th to view the house etc?  You can also email me here Kind Rgards,Yasmin