Sibillini-walking and agriturismi

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12/28/2009 - 07:40

I haven't posted on the Community before so I may not get this right.However I was a member of the old forum for many years where I received a lot of useful information and occasionally gave some as well I hope. We want to spend a couple of days walking in the Sibillini in early January. So we need an agriturismo and either a guide or reliable info re walks. Can you anyone offer any advice?



I am sure you will have a fantastic time! We run a cycling business in the Sibillinis so know them very well. I would definitely recommend a guide at that time of year due to the weather conditions. It may be dry and sunny or foggy and snowy or anywhere in between and you really need a local to help you with this. The weather reports just aren't accurate enough for you to go DIY IMHO unless you just stick to the easiest, shortest walks. Avalanches and rock falls do happen here so it is important to be safe. How you go about arranging this depends on whether you speak Italian. If you do, I would recommend contacting the Amandola or Sarnano branch of CAI to locate a guide, alternatively call the rifugio at Fargno or Amandola as they also have lists of guides. Depending on which part of the Sibillinis you want to walk, we can recommend some agriturismi. Let us know where you plan to go and we'll send you a list. If you don't speak Italian, then why don't you drop us a PM or email and we can put something together for you. We'll make all the arrangements based on your requirements and can even do an airport pickup if you don't want to hire a car. Good luck with whatever you decide and hop you have a fantastic holiday. PS - if you do hire a car, remember to book your snowchains.

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Many thanks Penny for your advice. We'll give it some thought but might just leave it till later in the year when the conditions are better.

 if you intend to undertake serious walking excursions, like up to the tops of peaks,from peak to peak etc the best time to do this is from mid september thru november,later the presence of the snow impedes this and the snow in the higher parts can even remain until the begining of june.july-mid september are not considered good for walking due to the heat.

Hi Robert Are you the Robert (from Brighton) from the old forum who we met last Christmas in Amandola. We have a walking guide to the Sibilini which has lots of walks of different abilities.  Unfortunately it is the house in Monte San Martino and we are in England (first time for three years we haven't been away for New Year)  I think it is this one: There is also this one: Someone on the old forum set up a walking business - I think it's this one   Best wishes Chris