new arrivals...........

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01/13/2010 - 12:31


Bonjourno! We are new arrivals having moved to Collesecco (Umbria) last week....... we are loving it so far! Do any of you actually meet up at all for a coffee or glass of wine or do you just blog on this site?  We would like to meet some expats socially not sure where to start.......................ideas welcome.

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 hi fillide yes i know there are a few colleseccos in umbria - which one do you live nearest to? as you can see i am new to italy so i apologise for my spelling mistakes. thanks for the warm welcome!

  Hi Jane, welcome to Umbria! We have a group of friends based in Citta di Castello who have just started a childrens saturday club to ensure the kids keep up with their english!! as after 6 months both of ours were fluent Italian speakers! we meet on Saturday mornings and the parents normally head of to a bar fr a coffee and a catch up! dont know how far away you are but I am sure you wouls be most welcome to join us! are you south of Perugia?   Ciao!