Baby equipment

06/07/2010 - 18:07

We are currently over in Umbria and are preparing for the visit of our baby granddaughter (9 months old in September).  We have been looking for travel cots, high chairs etc but I have to say I'm frightened off by the costs.  Has anyone any ideas on where in Umbria we can get hold of such equipment cheaply or does anyone know of any second hand (good quality) shops.



Some UK Ebay vendors will ship to Italy. I have also found Amazon to be fantastic. Baby stuff is extortionate prices in Italy. Unbelievably expensive. No wonder they have such a low birth  rate here!!

We have just been getting rid of our baby stuff. Maybe we all should set a new group for selling or exchanging goods. What I have left is bed side panels to stop baby/child fulling out of bed, its great if your little wants to sleep with you and you don't want to be squashing them in the middle or when they are older to have their own small bed. Toys, and push along toddler bike. A well used travel cot. plus a few clothes mostly on the unisex/boys side. We live in Le Marche near Ascoli Piceno