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09/01/2010 - 07:48

Ciao Tutti,  I am new to this forum but have been going to Le marches all my life.  I have some experience with my property over the last ten years and have built apartments at Borgo Della Nave in Campofilone, near Porto San Giorgio.  I hope to be able to contribute this experience to other forum members and also draw on experiences that you have.   A Presto fabrizio 



I was a little afraid really, knowing the reputation of getting building done in Italy but I have a lifelong friend who is our architect and we put together a strong team of legal, accounting and building.  Apart from delays in getting the permesso to start the work we had a pretty smooth run.  We finished on time and on budget.  There were a few worries on the way because the property market fell off as we were finishing and that was pretty stressful. Now we are doing well with more than half of the places sold and that makes life much easier and its very heartening when you hear your neighbours (yes, I kept one) raving about their place.  It's not so much the buildings, although they are lovely and done properly, but seeing them growing to appreciate (much better in Italian "apprezare")the beauty and authenticity of the area.  When they come back with good olive oil, or a fish or some great wine its just a thrill.   I am back there next week an am looking forward to just being there, not doing anything in particular in the evening and looking at the sea.  I also need to do Notaio which won't be fun but is a neccessary evil. Valentina, spoke to my mother and weather is a bit rainy, low 20's and looking better for the weekend.  Hope it's good for the drive south... F 

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We keep meaning to come to Sicily to see friends but it is over 1000km which is just shocking!  I thought it would be 3 hours, not 12!  I think maybe in the Spring we should come and visit marsala F