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08/05/2010 - 15:05

Hi all, I'm new to the Forum having started renovating a house near Chieti.   I'm Scottish, live near Edinburgh with family of husband and 3 kids.  We have all  come to love Italy having holidayed there many times in Emilio Romana, Le Marche and finally Abruzzo where we bought our house. I urgently need recommendations of a good quality, English speaking engineer and/or builder.  I hope that you will be able to help.  Many thanks.



Indeed welcome, I will be interested in seeing any information you get on this subject. My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a property in Carunchio with the veiw to renovation and provision of a holiday and finally a retirement home for ourselves. Hopefully using modern techniques to renovate an older property to make it much more energy efficient, which seems to be a bit of an alien concept reading through some of the posts on this excellent site.  Good luck.

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Sorry I have just got back from Italy but cant find the PM you sent, can you please resend. thanks

We have got through about 10 different quotes in 3 years - Italian and British, were going to put the house back on market but couple we met in Lanciano have recommended us our geometra, who was brilliant. He did all the work for about half the price quoted by some greedy geometras and on time. As we are in UK he sent us weekly reports with pics by email and his wife speaks good English. He is renovating my friends house at the moment but I am sure he can quote OK. Contact him direct on, he is worth a try. If you need more info please pm me, grazie