Car Insurance

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05/27/2009 - 06:00

I'll be buying a little Yaris at the end of June and am looking to get car insurance. Tried Italsure and was horrified to find it over 1200 + euros - 5 x more than I pay now. Have been recommended Directline and been on their site - can anyone clarify the terms 'bonus' and 'malus' categories? All info gratefully received!



You might like to tryJ. E. ThorpeLombardini & Associati S.r.l.Via Fara, 39  -  20124 Milano   -   MI   -   Italytel. +39.02.36594000 - direct 02.36594004fax +39.02.89697200cell.+39.348.2643440 He was very helpful 6 years ago when he was able to take my UK No Claims Bonus into account.Not sure if he can still do this but it is worth asking. 

Directline Italia will accept your no claims bonus from the UK but it must be expressed in years (not %ages) and be on a document or letter from your previous insurer and not more than 6 or 12 months old (sorry can't remember which). If you select they incorrect malus on the website when signing up then they will adjust it when they receive your no claims bonus doc and adjust your premium accordingly.Personally, I have yet to find anyone cheaper in Italy. I too got a very high quote from Italsure but I'm not sure if that is because my car is Italian registered.Remember that the maximum no. of years no claims bonus in the UK is 5 or 7 years (unless it has changed since I lived there) even though you may not have had an accident for 20 years! So you will only get 5 or 7 years recognised for your Italian Direct line policy. I have also claimed for a windscreen from Direct line and they were very efficient.

Directline are very cheap for the first year. Then they raise their prices in my experience. I lost my "no claims" from the UK because there was a gap of more than 1 year before taking out a Directline policy. My UK car was in my wife's name. Blooming insurance is a con.       Anyway. Fiat Uno autocarro, I pay €490 which includes personal protection as well. So get a car with a net in it and save money if you have no need for rear seats.