Does anyone know an Italian lawyer in London/UK?

09/16/2010 - 14:48

Hi, I'm currently trying to help my elderly mother sort her affairs out in Italy concerning a small farm and cottage that she shares with her sister (left to them both by my grandmother) and really need the assistance of an Italian lawyer for this. Both mother and aunt are fluent Italian speakers but are no longer able to easily make the journey to Italy and, being rather 'old-school', aren't comfortable with phone/email contact. To make matters worse my Italian is very poor and I would find it practically impossible to act as a go-between!! Does anyone know of an Italian lawyer or one versed in Italian law,based here in the UK, who might be able to assist? Any suggestions very gratefully accepted! Ciao, Mark



Why not send a PM to her as she is a very knowledgeable lawyer who postson this forum? Although she is based here, I am sure she could either recommend someone, or maybe help you herself.

Cheapest way by far would be to engage a local lawyer - where in Italy is the property? When I used to post on the old forum there used to be a chap called Notaio who was very helpful in all such matters, is he still around?  

Hi eveyone, I just wanted to drop a note to inform you that may be of help to you. Specialised both in Italian and english law matters, they work very proactively and are able to provide you with tailored legal services at a very competitive rate. They liaise with a top 200 uk law firm on a dayly basis and are based in the city of London. I would highly suggest hiring them if you have any italian law concerns.