Shoe Repair??

05/29/2009 - 05:22

Ok, been here a year and a half and STILL haven't found a shoe repair shop!!!  I ask locals, no one knows of any or tell us about shops that are now closed.  Do Italians just throw away old shoes and get new ones?  I'm looking for repair around Amandola, Comunanza, Sarnano?  My favorite pair of boots want to be worn!!Grazie!!


Hi bloops and welcome.  I know my Italian friend throws his shoes away rather than have them mended.   There's a really good cobbler in a small town in Abruzzo.  He charges €2 to reheel and €5 to include resoling.   He also removes scuff marks and polishes them gratis as part of the service, and the shoes look brand new afterwards.  A true craftsman. A long way to drive though.  Sorry  regards, sempre_italia

Hi,We were told in Comunanza that the nearest shoe repair place to us (in Villa Conti) is at Roccaflouvione (not sure of the spelling) on the way to Ascoli. I wanted the zip repairing on my boots after my puppy chewed them, but we had a brief look the other day and couldn't see the shop.It is on the main road in the town - didn't have time to stop and ask as we were in a rush, but someone there must know. If you find it can you let us know!!!!

There is one in Amandola but it's difficult to describe as he too does it from his home and isn't always open. You can leave them with the dry cleaners in Comunana (on the LHD side of the road to Conad in Comunanza, just past the new roundabout) and they will get them done but it will take at least a week.The guy in Roccafluvione is excellent and veyr cheap. He also repairs bags and all sorts of other stuff. He's always open (except for lunch time of course!). His place is on the RHD side of the road (if going to Ascoli) just before the bank and cashpoint (also on the RHD side).

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I was stunned to see my Italian neighbour in wellies recently with maybe five/six patches on the sides and top................(basically they were those patches that you get in a bicycle tyre puncture outfit).........................superb, ..................oh how we laughed !!!!Sorry that a can't help with an actual load of cobblers !!

The guy in Amandola is at this address:75 High Street. Up from the post office towards the main square. Last info from when wife had some repairs done to a pair of riding boots. He is open on a Wednesday & Saturday. As far as she can remember, it is only in the morning.Hope this helps.