Mobile broadband - suggestions please

06/25/2009 - 16:11

Please can someone recommend a mobile broadband provider with good coverage in Villafranca in Lunigiana?  We will only be there on holiday trips and so would prefer a pay-as-you-go contract.I have been trying to understand all the information contained in other threads on this subject, and remain completely baffled.  Please give a non-tech answer!!!!!! 



We are currently using 3 mobile but will stop at the end of the month due to their change in charges. We will revert to out previous provider who are wi-fi lunigiana -   You do have to have a line of sight to one of their masts. There is one on the hill in Aulla. They will come out and do a survey. They charge €30 for 15 hours PAYG. Your commune may have it's own wi-fi system you can use. There was a thread on this on the old forum.

Thank you for that answer.The Wi-fi solution doesn't really sound all that wonderful, even if it is value-for-money. Does it mean, even if you are within line-of-sight of a mast, you still have to go out into the garden to use it?  (I did appeal for non-tech answer!!).How are the 3 mobile charges changing?  They are currently advertising £10 for 1GB of usage, valid for 30 days.  Is this the old rate, or the new rate?Yes, I'm sure that I found the old thread somewhere, and remember someone suggesting a particular provider which gave good reception in the Villafranca area.  But I really can't find that posting again, however hard I search.

If you have a property in Villafranca then you should qualify for free wi-fi.   You have to be within1km of one of the four masts.   If you are fairly central or in Filetto you should be OK.  You can check if you can pick-up the network by using the wireless network function on your PC - look for a network called Hs-Vil.  You will need a strong signal to pick it up.  One bar strength is not enough.  We decided to register even although we are not in range of the signal as we thought it would be a useful back-up, even if we have to go and sit in a bar in Villafranca,  as we also use a 3 dongle, and are unsure what we will do after the end of the month. You will  need to register at the Commune to access the network.   You'll be directed to the IT bloke - if he is in!  We were unable to verify his office hours, so you just have to keep trying until you catch him.     Take your codice fiscale and photographic ID.   The registration process is pretty straight forward, but there is a catch.   You have to wait for someone to phone you back to confirm your registration and presumably give you some sort of registration password or key - and we're still waiting after two weeks and follow-up visit to the Commune (IT bloke was not in on our return visit). 

Thank you for all this information.  Looks like we have a date for the rogito in 3 weeks and will come to Italy.  I think we are going to camp in our new apartment for a few days whilst we get a grip on all the things that will need sorting out .... internet high on the list!It all sounds too easy - if we can find the IT man that is!  If we don't succeed the first time, we'll be back for longer a few weeks later, and will have another go at getting him.  Will let you know whether we succeed. 

 might be worth a try we have a dongle with them costing 20 euro per month which gives you 1 gb plus 1 gb free...why they dont just say 2gb beats me...however works well and should imagine its one of the best for coverage in Italy... being the national telephone company...  mobile divison...  we did try 3 but found that beacuse it doesnt have good signal coverage here it kept working through other providers an hence as the very small print explained the costs were much higher...anway as an alternative the tim / alice combo seem pretty good to me as a mobile internet system