Old bricks

jacaranda Image
06/30/2009 - 10:51

HiDoes anyone know where I can get old yellow bricks from - for a renovation project?



 I would take a brick sample to your local "edilizia" to see whether they have something similar or they could recommend someone who specialises in "demolizioni". They may be able to help. Good luck!

 Sounds like "terra Di Siena"-type bricks if they are yellow. They are easily found in Tuscany. You can get old stuff but it'll be extortionate. The new ones are not that bad ,you can make them look old by experimenting with paints for staining wood. I'm not sure though if they used "terra di siena" in Abruzzo.Good luckmaria

In Abruzzo you can by old bricks and other materials from a yard in CEPAGATTI nr Cheiti Scalo .The man to call is CESARE and his mobile is 3392169275.Our builder says the new bricks used on the floor are not as strong and as the old ones cost less I'd go for these.Whatever you do dont buy the really messy ones as it will take forever to remove the cement or lime.Pay more for cleaner bricks!Every town would have made its own bricks from local materials so there is a variety of colours and firing marks unique to each place.It makes me sad to see people smashing up old brick or brick floors then laying something cheap from Castorama just so they can get a 'level floor'.