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07/24/2009 - 12:30

Do you have to change the address on your UK driving licence once you have bought an apartment in italy. it is my only residence as i no longer have a place in the Uk to live.



I was stopped by the police for the usual check. They looked at my licence; it has the Euro ring of stars on it, and I asked them if it was still o.k. They said yes. It's always handy however to tell them that you have 'dual residence' in that you have an address in UK. I use my sister's or my Mum's. The fact that in UK you don't have to officially be registered at a residence goes over their heads as they only understand the Italian system of residence etc.I believe that changing to an Italian licence is a mega hassle, and others have confirmed that, although I stand to be corrected.When you do renew your licence however that can only be done to a UK address. I use a relative.

On the one hand, Andrew, I can see your point about trying t avoid any unecessary hassle here by changing your license. On the other hand, you are breaking the law in both the UK (giving a false address) and Italy (driving with a UK license after the time period allowed for Italian authorisation ha expired). I won't tell them if you won't.  PS. You only need to get your license authorised - they give you a sticker to put on it. It's not that hard, but you will need to have a medical every 5 years - like every other Italian - unless you are old, when it turns into every couple of years. Ask your local driving school for advice. You can then fai da tè if you like afterwards. G'wan. Be legal - unlike Berlusconi and his mates.

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Not actually giving a false address in UK as I part own the properties.If the cops told me my licence was o.k. then I didn't argue.Excellent advice however regards the pathway - driving school etc.Cheers

Check out this website: http://ec.europa.eu/youreurope/nav/en/citizens/living/car/driving-licens... for more details.But also see the section in Italiacs below. I assume this is where the requirement to have your UK driving licence recognised and an Italian driving licence number issued. This is the pink sticker that costs about 45 euro if you go to a driving school and shows your current address and Italian driving licence number. You will also have to have a medical every 5 years like an Italian. Mine is about to expire so that should be fun! Mutual recognition1. The principleArticle 1(2) of Directive 91/439/EEC stipulates that all driving licences have to be mutually recognised within the European Union. Where the holder of a valid driving licence acquires "normal residence" in a Member State other than that which issued the licence, the host country has to recognise the licence.Directive 80/1263/EEC laid down a period of one year during which the exchange had to be carried out by the authorities of the state of residence. This obligation has been abolished since 1 July 1996, the date of entry into force of Directive 91/439/EEC. It is still possible to exchange licences but it has to be based on a purely voluntary action on the part of the licence holder.At the time of the exchange, the Member State in which the holder has acquired normal residence issues a Community model licence of the corresponding category or categories, without the need for a theoretical or practical examination. Authorities must however check that the licence is valid.2. ExceptionsArticle 1(3) of Directive 91/439/EEC establishes an exception to this general principle of mutual recognition. It is noted that « Where the holder of a valid national driving licence takes up normal residence in a Member State other than that which issued the licence, the host Member State may apply to the holder of the licence its national rules on the period of validity of the licence, medical checks and tax arrangements and may enter on the licence any information indispensable for administration. »

  • With regard to the period of validity of driving licences, Directive 91/439/EEC therefore allows Member States to apply their national provisions. In practice, the validity arrangements vary from one Member State to another. This means that a different period of validity, shorter for example, can be applied to the holder of a licence, in the event of change of residence.
  • With regard to the interval between medical examinations, this has not been harmonised by Community legislation. In the majority of the Member States, it coincides with the period of validity.
  • Driving licences issued by a non-member country and recognised by a Member State, are not recognised reciprocally in a systematic manner, even in the eventual case that the licence has been exchanged for a Community model in the meantime. It is therefore advisable to contact the competent national authorities.
  • Member States are not obliged to recognise driving licences issued to persons aged under 18.

Excellent Penny. However, there is no more reason for Italy to bow to EU directives than the UK does. In fact, rather less. Just abide by Italian law rather than starting a battle with the Italian state over whether or not EU "laws" must be adhered to here in priority to Italian law. You know it makes sense.

Ooooo! very droll! If you live here, you must convert your UK licence to an Italian one within 12 months of being here. You can, in certain circumstances, have your UK licence converted by the addition of a simple "sticker" - so long as your UK licence has no differences (i.e. HGV or PSV) to a "normal" Italian licence. There. You have now being told. Talk to the lovely man/woman at your local ACI for further guidance if you feel stroppy now.

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Got my sticker with italian address more than five years ago. This can be done at any `Agenzia Pratiche Auto`Some are more helpful than others - the least helpful was the local ACI office.Just had to renew it. All it took was an appointment with a doctor authorised to do the paperwork - we have one atour local medical centre - a few general health questions and an eye test..One Marca da Bollo for €14.62€9.00 paid into Motorizzazione account at post office.Fee for the medical -€45.00New sticker arrived after a few weeks.No Problems.So no worries Penny - Good luck

 Hi,The validity of the medical is 10 or 5 years, but it depends on your age.I renewed mine last year, and went to the local ACI office for the medical certificate, which you then bring to a driving school or you do as I did, go directly to the Motorizzazione. Should never have done that....the most frustating experience in my Italian life...a long story which can be summarized in paying all the fees whereafter they refused to convert and renew my Danish license.Anyway, I wast told last year at the motorizzazione, that the sticker thing is NOT used anymore, also that you DON'T have to change your license within 12 months. That was abolished years ago.But you do have to follow the Italian rules for renewal, meaning a medical every 5 or 10 years.ACI is NOT always well informed. You need to phone the Motorizzazione for correct advice.Then another Danish person also told me that I should have my Danish license converted if I wanted to buy and register a car here.I asked my Italian car assurance broker, who thought that was very strange, he didn't agree but that to be certain, I should contact the PRA for a definite answer.Anybody else here has experienced this?RgdsSabs