Strange Bird !

07/28/2009 - 08:24

Every summer we hear a bird which so far no one has managed to identify. It has a very odd call...... clackety Clack, clackety clack.over and over again.We never see it only hear it. It often calls in the early hours of the morning too.  Can anyone identify this bird.                


Gail there is a Wildlife group for your strange bird tales.!I would say that this bird is almost certainly a Sardinian Warbler or Occhiocotto (cooked eye) in Italian.This is a common bird that does migrate but also in some areas overwinters .It is a very excitable species and makes the noise you describe when it sees a cat , snake, bird of prey etc. Like most birds in Italy they ( wisely) skulk around in the undergrowth so are quite difficult to see. Wrens make a similar noise but they are much easier to see.

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Thank you both. I have checked out the calls on a couple of bird sites and the don't seem to match, there is no melody to this strange birds call. Just a repetative loud clackety clack ? Some friends have suggested it is another animal, like a frog, but I know what the frogs and toads sound like around here...... very noisy 

It literally sounds like two stones being knocked together,  . Perhaps its just that - a local scaring the birds away as he goes out to work in the morning

 Silly you.  It's not a bird at all.  It's your next door neighbour's child reading a book by Luana Rinaldo. Don't believe me - then google Clackety Clack.

Ciao Gail, lots of good ideas ,do hope the mystery will be solved,I thought it may be a quail, as syllables seemed to fit, as call is heard as "wet your lips, wet your lips", but then you said its like two stones clacking.Could it possibly be a blackcap, ours get very raucous when they see our cats !I'll watch out for recording.