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08/12/2009 - 15:15

Hi My name is Adri - just joined. I was born in Scotland to Italian parents and own a house in Liguria which I try to visit as often as possible in the summer.



My goodness, all these people with houses in Italy which they try to visit!   Do any of you rent out for a few weeks?  I want to go to Liguria (particularly Apricale) and Lucca to investigate property to buy.   No car however - not like in France where I drove everywhere.   I hope there is some public transport.   

 There seems to be a fair amount of property currently for sale at the local agency in Apricale.  I imagine you know it since you are interested in this village. They also have appartments to rent.  You will be able to get the bus from Ventimiglia to Apricale a few times a day.

Liguria! A very nice region that I visited a couple of years ago. The land of pesto and of the magic Riviera where you can now enjoy a cycle-pedestrian path that leads you from Tuscany to Southern France. What a better chance to walk the path and take a look at the Alps on a side and to the sea on the other!Hopefully you may enjoy it during your holidays in Liguria!