A good cup of tea!

08/18/2009 - 15:38

I need some advice.Which tea should I buy in Italy taht most resembles the one you find in the UK?Thanks! Paola


My auntie (who travelled the world several times over whilst working for the World Bank) told me that Orange Pekoe are the leaves used in PG tips. I have tried them in the States and as long as you can get them to make water hot enough, they really do taste like proper English tea. But - I've never seen them here and I get my Tetley teabags sent by my mum.

Thanks, you have solved a mystery for me. I always buy Twining´s English Breakfast, but I noticed that in Italy the taste was not the same.... I thought that it may had something to do with the water.....

My tap water in UK is horrible so I don't drink it, but it does make good tea. The tap water here is really good to drink yet somehow the tea tastes identical to UK.I only drink Ceylon tea which has quite a delicate taste (delicate little thing that I am), so I have to bring it from England.

Finally somebody decided to hit it on the nail and elucidate my thoughts about English tea! People down in Italy say I'm crazy that I lay in tens of teaboxes everytime I go to GB, because the Tea in Italy just does not taste like the one sold in GB, even if it is exactly the same brand!

You are not crazy at all!never have  a cup of tea in a bar in italy, as you would be bitterly disappointed!I have been educated to English, or rather Scottish in my case, as we drink scottish blend, my husband and now I'd rather have a cup of tea than a coffe ( well, I still enjoy my macchiato!).I love my cuppa!Paola

Totally agree with all that's said about teh Tea over here. We have tried virtually every blend on the shelf and none of it tastes like UK tea. We're of to the UK for a visit next week and will be stocking up on Jumbo Boxes of PG tips, along with several spices which are unavailable over here.