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09/01/2009 - 12:34

Hi there,I was just wondering if anyone has bouht there Italian property through Lunigiana 200 in Aulla? I'm in the process of purchasing a renovation project and this seems a great place to get feedback from other people who've been in the same boat.thanks in advanceDan



Dan we bought from Lunigiana 2000 about four years ago and can't praise them enough.I dealt with Paola as she was the only English speaking. They still support me for anything I require to this day. Congratulations with your purchase and I don't think you have anything to worry.

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Thanks for the reply Patsy, I have been dealing with Paola, she seems a genuine women with good knowledge. I must admit i'm very relieved to know you have had a good experience with her.Our offer has just been accepted and Paola is sorting the bank accounts, fiscale codes etc for us over the next few days for us to complete on the first weekend of october.Its all pretty exciting stuff and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the project as soon as possible.Thanks againDan

Agree with all the above comments. We agreed to buy in August 2008, Paula sorted out fiscal codes, bank account, local geometra and even a bottle of champagne when we returned on November 6th to close the purchase (well, it was my birthday!).She continues to help us to this day

Hi there,I know this is a very old post!!  But I am currently in the process of buying property through Lunigiana2000.  Although, I am happy with them and they seem very professional I am just wondering did you use your own geometra or one that they suggested?  Also with the notaio? Many thanks

Hello Casualkyd,If you need help in design, budgeting, timing, finding builders and project management, I can help you.I am an English mother tongue architect based in north Italy, I work on refurbishment projects mostly for non-Italian clients.If you are interested let me know.All the best,Conor 

As our responsibilities back in the US have reached a point where we can no longer spend 6 months a year here, we reluctantly have placed our Varano property on the market. The bitter part is leaving behind all the friends and acquaintances we have enjoyed over the past 11 years.The sweet part is all the memories we have from our "Italian Adventure," in part thanks to this forum. The information available here is invaluable to anyone considering an “Italian Adventure.”We would like to thank all who have contributed to this forum as much of it has been helpful.Thanks again and best wishes to all for as great an "Italian Adventure" as we have enjoyed.Ciao for now,Marianne and Fred BernadottiCasa del CampanileIf anyone is interested, the property is listed with Lunigiana 2000.      #602 

It's lovely that you have such fond memories of your time here, although of course sad to be leaving I’m sure there will be lots more time spent together going over such a beautiful time in your life. Best of luck with the house sale (this link I think gets you directly there folks), it is a lovely house at a fantastic price. Still even more so, best of luck for the future in your next ventures… 

Thanks Steve for your kind words regarding our “bittersweet farewell.” We will have some great memories thanks to all of you. One of the “responsibilities” demanding our attention is the renovation of the “Sand Castle” in the mountains above the desert which was owned by an actor, Denny Miller, who played Tarzan in the1959 movie “Tarzan."He was also a featured actor in the old TV western series “Wagon Train.” And, for the US sports fans, he played basketball at UCLA under John Wooden before he was “discovered” by a Hollywood agent. Interesting house and a “fun” project." Fred

Hi Danny 76,I am from the same area of "Lunigiana 2000", I know a person who works there and I can definitely say that they are serious and professionals so you are in safe hands.If you need restorations works or a Geometra , Architect or Engineer I am attaching my website link, I work in the area so it wouldn't be a problem to make an initial estimate luck with your purchase and enjoy Lunigiana, you will find many things to discover and live.