Australian Wins Gelato World Tour in Rimini

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 05:59

Almond Affogato was the winning flavor at the Grand Finale of the Gelato World Tour, held in Rimini last weekend.

Twenty-four gelato artisans from all over the world were selected to compete in the final, after presenting their flavors during different stages of the Gelato World Tour - the Olympics for gelato makers - which began in Rome last May and continued on to Spain, Australia, Dubai, North America and Germany.

The gelato artisans produced about 6,500 kg of gelato for the joy of the 70,000 people who attended the event, held in Piazza Fellini.  

The winners were chosen based on the vote of four different juries: the public, the media, the technical experts, and gelato artisans.

The World's Best Gelato is Almond Affogato by John Crowl of the “Cow and the Moon” family-run gelato shop in Sydney, Australia. A twist on the classic affogato, it consists of a Madagascan vanilla bean gelato with roasted caramelized coffee almonds folded through and a Kenyan coffee caramel sauce. “My family said the media in Australia is going crazy over the result of the Gelato World Tour,” John Crowl said. “My shop has had huge lines out the door and down the street these past few days, and the Mandorla Affogato has been made non-stop all day. This award proofs that also a foreign person can be a great gelato artisan if he/she studies hard and works with passion and tenacity every day.”

The second place went to the Grumpy Heart flavor (a pistachio cream) by Francesco Mastroianni of “Il Cantagalli” gelato shop in Lamezia Terme (Calabria).

The third place  went to the Hazelnut Heart flavor by Alessandro Lancierini of “Gelateria Fiore” in Suzzara (Mantua). 

Congratulations to all gelato chefs competing in the Gelato World Tour!