The Best Events In Lombardy This Autumn and Winter

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 04:26

Ethical Photography Festival

Lodi, 7th - 29th October 2017

How to learn about current social issues? Watching the news, perhaps? Leafing through the newspapers or scrolling through the reports online?

A more visual way of learning about these is currently being held in Lodi. This month, the Ethical Photography Festival hosts a series of exhibitions for photographers handling ethical issues. It's a means of promoting photography for expressing, learning and analysing social and environmental issues of the day.

As well as the photos, the event puts on a series of workshops, debates and screenings to look at the relationship between ethics, communication and photography. The event has gained in popularity over the years, jumping from 3000 visitors in 2010 to exceed an impressive 9000 in 2015.


Como, 14th October - 19th November 2017

This is an interesting take on the traditional art exhibition. Now in its sixth edition, StreetScape takes art to the streets, squares and courtyards of Como. The public spaces of the region will be augmented by contemporary artists' works of art, sculptures and more between 14th October and 19th November.

New and emerging artists create site-specific works of art in a bid to bring creative definitions on the traditional urban landscapes. For those exploring the works, it's a cool way of discovering both the area of Como and of the artworks. A map is provided along with short guides to each of the artists. Think of it as an artists' version of a treasure map with plenty of visual riches to enjoy.

Segni New Generation Festival

Mantua, 28th October - 5th November 2017

Sometimes events in these listings aren't just about looking back to the past, but to the future. A good case in point is the Segni New Generation Festival, which is in its 11th edition.

The Segni New Generation Festival is designed as a showcase for youngsters to learn about and express their own interpretation of the arts. Popular musicians, writers, directors and actors discuss and communicate through the arts with youngsters from 18 months to 18 years of age.

More than 250 events will be held in the area for these youngsters, their families and schools. Performances (both indoors and outdoors), art workshops and exhibitions will be superb methods of getting tomorrow's generations interested in the world of the arts.


Milan, 2nd - 12th November 2017

After the runaway success of Milan's newest jazz festival, JazzMi is back bigger and better than ever before. A wide range of hot spots in the city will hold over 150 events, including Teatro dell’Arte and Blue Note Milano, as well as cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries and more.

Concerts of some of the top names in jazz will be held, as well as some of the burgeoning names in the genre. You'll also come away with a greater knowledge of jazz music, thanks to other events such as documentaries, unreleased movies, exhibitions, conferences and masterclasses. It's a particularly good way of introducing youngsters to this kind of music, as special events are put on for the kids. These include Massimo Nunzi’s “Giocajazz” project and ““, which aim to introduce and examine in-depth the major themes of jazz.

Milano Whisky Festival

11th - 12th November 2017

This season, prepare to be spooked by ghosties and spirits as the dark nights loom in like a grim spectre.

But for spirits of a different kind, the Milano Whisky Festival and Fine Spirits event is bigger and better than ever this year. A brand spanking new location has been found for the event (on 11th and 12th November 2017) at the Washington's Marriott Room. After last year's impressive attendance figures of nearly 4500, this year's footfall is expected to be even greater. The Washington's biggest hall boasts more than 1200 square metres, which will house thousands of labels and producers.

So this year, there's an added dimension with visitors able to expand their knowledge of whiskey as well as Armagnac, Brandy and Cognac. All visitors need to do is come equipped with the required tasting kit of glass and cup holder.

Packed full of initiatives and ideas, the 2017 edition includes tastings, masterclasses and guided tours to provide attendees with a thorough grasp of the ethos and history of these drinks. There will also be food elements to the event, with the best in street food to be sampled.

The best whiskeys of the moment will also be crowned as awards will be given in a number of categories as well as the distillery of the year.

Golosaria Milan

11th - 13th November 2017

What's regarded as good eating today?

Why not come and find out some answers at the 12th edition of Golosaria, taking place in Milan this November?

A bumper line-up of food providers will be taking part at this acclaimed food and drink event, with 200 culinary artisans, 110 wineries and more than 20 street kitchens appearing in events such as cooking sessions, workshops, talks and tastings.

Going back to my original rhetorical question, the event will home in on healthy and environmentally friendly sustainable products, with many of the products at 2017's Golosaria regarded as good examples of agricultural innovation and culinary expertise. The event will also look into the cyclical economics and historic and cultural importance of food and drink.

If that's not enough, then there's a cocktail of new additions to this year's event: in one case, literally with a modern bar counter and menu created specially to serve up the finest cocktails in town. 

Festa del Torrone

Cremona, 18th - 26th November 2017

You can tell when Christmas is in the air in Italy. It's when the Cremona-made festive sweet is everywhere. The tasty confection, Torrone – or nougat – can be enjoyed in abundance at Festa del Torrone, which comprises a series of exhibitions, performances and tastings devoted to this popular food.

It's nine days of specially dedicated shows, open labs, street artists, showcooking and more. The streets of Cremona are bustling with these wonderful events, and one of the most popular is the historical re-enactment of the wedding of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti.

The wedding between Sforza and the only heir to the throne of the Duchy of Milan, Bianca was held on 25th October 1441. It's said that Torrone was first served during the delicious wedding feast (the name likely to have been inspired by the bell tower of the Cathedral of Cremona, Torrazzo).

A parade kicks off the re-enactment, with more than 150 historic characters in period Renaissance outfits including ladies, knights, jesters, archers and flag throwers. Once the parade reaches Piazza del Comune, the re-enacted wedding ceremony takes place, recapturing that magical 'I do' moment from an Autumn day in 1441.

Donizetti Opera Festival

Bergamo, November – December 2017

One of Lombardy's finest opera maestros will be celebrated again this Winter. The Donizetti Opera Festival is a hotly anticipated event for any opera fan's calendar, and this year's one is set to be another cracker.

The 2017 list of performances covers some of the maestro's finest offerings, putting music to others' words. These include The Bourgeoisie Of Saardam, the Requiem Mass, Il Pigmalione and Flórez for Donizetti. If you're an opera buff, this is an unmissable experience.

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