Capri Dedicates Film Festival to Ingrid Bergman

Thu, 12/26/2013 - 05:00

The Italian island of Capri has dedicated its Capri, Hollywood – International Film Festival to the late Ingrid Bergman.

The dedication coincides with the 60th anniversary of when Italian director Roberto Rossellini filmed his masterpiece ‘Viaggio in Italia’ (Journey To Italy) starring the Swedish actress in Capri, Naples and Pompeii. Rossellini directed Bergman – then his lover – as English woman Katherine Joyce, who rekindles her love with her estranged husband while on holiday in Italy.

President of event co-organiser Istituto Capri, Tony Petruzzi, said of ‘Journey to Italy’: “It is a film that changed the history of cinema, inspired by the French New Wave, it bewitched Martin Scorsese, and above all brought the beauty and light of our south to the world.”

The 18th edition of the festival will screen restored films, and exhibit vintage photos and costumes that relate to the iconic actress’ career. Other stars who have been honoured by dedications in previous years include Maria Callas and Grace Kelly. The festival runs from 26 December 2013 to 2 January 2014.