Italian Documentary TIR Wins Top Prize at Rome Film Festival

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 06:30

The Italian documentary “TIR” is the winner of the 2013 edition of the Rome Film Festival, which officially closed Sunday. Directed by Alberto Fasulo, it is the story of a Bosnian man who becomes a truck driver after failing to find work as a teacher – it is also the first Italian film to ever win the Rome Fest's top prize.

"TIR" is the second Italian documentary to win the main award at a major Italian festival this year, after Gianfranco Rosi's “Sacro GRA” won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival in September.

The festival’s two main acting prizes went to Matthew McConaughey, for "Dallas Buyers Club," where he plays a man diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s, and Scarlett Johansson for "Her," where she is only heard, not seen as she is the voice of a computer operating system the male leading character (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with. “Dallas Buyers Club also won the audience award.