Re Panettone - Crowned in Milan

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 05:00

The best Italian panettone this year hails from Campania.

Sal De Riso won the sixth annual “Re Panettone” (King of Panettone) award, held in Milan.

De Riso, who is a member of the prestigious Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (Academy of Italian Pastry Chefs), won thanks to his Panettone Classico Milanese (Classic Milanese Panettone).

De Riso produces 10 types of panettone in his store based in Minori (Salerno), using local ingredients of his native region, from the apricots of Mount Vesuvius to the limoncello of the Amalfi Coast, from the hazelnuts of Giffoni Valle Piana to his last creation that uses local figs and buffalo milk.

“I’m happy and proud,” De Riso said. “I’m especially happy for those who work with me and for all my fans, but above all for my beloved Campania, a region with 24 PDO (DOP in Italian) and PGI (IGP in Italian) products and that tries every day to bring quality products to the table.”  

Every year, the “Re Panettone” event gathers the best of Italian pastry-making. 

Panettone is the typical Italian Christmas sweet and was invented in Milan.