Things to Do and See in Italy in August 2018

Thu, 08/02/2018 - 06:30

Lots to do this August, as John Bensalhia looks at some great Italian events that will appeal to both young and old...

The last of the Summer months packs a lot in, event-wise. As well as a good number of music festivals, there is also plenty to do for all ages, including a special children's festival and a hide and seek competition for big kids.

Azzurro Food

Sciacca, 2nd- 5thAugust 2018

With the Summer season now in full swing, now's an ideal chance to sample some of the best in local street food.

A great example of this is Azzurro Food, which showcases the best of Sicilian street food Sciacca, in the province of Agrigento. This year sees the fifth edition of the street food show, and has a special slant towards seafood. Using the best raw ingredients from the Mediterranean Sea, a wide range of fish-based recipes will be available to visitors.

You can enjoy the food in this fantastic open-air restaurant in the ideal location of Piazza Angelo Scandaliato. As well as sampling the food, you can also enjoy a good selection of music and entertainment performances.

Time In Jazz

Sardinia, 8th- 16thAugust 2018

Another great jazz festival comes to Italy this Summer as the Time In Jazz Festival prepares to open its doors in Sardinia.

Between 8thand 16th August, the Time In Jazz Festival will provide some excellent performances in areas such as Berchidda and in a number of towns in the northern regions of the island. The locations chosen are diverse, ranging from the main square of Berchidda to forests and churches.

For its 31st edition, this year's line up includes Greta Panettieri, the Gabriele Evangelista Quartet, Jan Lundgren and William Greco.

Ypsigrock Festival

Castelbuono, Palermo, 9th- 12thAugust 2018

It's not just jazz music doing the rounds this Summer. For fans of indie and alternative rock music, you won't go wrong with the Ypsigrock Festival.

This festival is about to reach its 22ndedition, where it will be held in Castelbuono in the province of Palermo. Not only does the festival offer a feast of indie music for fans, it's a chance to appreciate the local surroundings. Piazza Castello is the host for the main Ypsi Once Stage, where festival goers can also take in the Medieval Arch, the staircase and manor of the Ventimiglia family.

A strong line up this year includes The Jesus & Mary Chain, Alfio Antico, Algiers and Random Recipe.

Tarantango 2018

Salento, Lecce, 18th- 31stAugust 2018

Time to get your dancing shoes on this August and move on over to Lecce in Puglia's Salento, where a 12-day Tango Festival is being held

Tarantango is all things to all tango fans, whether it acts as a meeting, a dance marathon – or just a good-time holiday for those who love dancing. The backdrop of Salento is ideal for this event, providing plenty of atmosphere, amazing scenery and architecture, and lovely beaches.

The event promises to be a lot of fun – even for people like me who have two left feet! Come and tango the days and nights away!

San Genesio Festival

Casciana Terme (Pisa), 22nd- 25thAugust 2018

With kids off school, there are plenty of things for them to do in the holidays. One of these events appropriately celebrates the patron saint of children, San Genesio in the town of Casciana Terme.

The thinking behind this event is that the children symbolically take control of the town for four days. A string of initiatives and entertainments are put on for youngsters, including parades, games, creative workshops, animated readings and a special launch of balloons bearing peaceful, positive messages. There is also a delicious fruit cake for kids to enjoy – the Ciambellano is certainly worth eating!

Sunshine Lake Festival

Gambulaga, Emilia-Romagna, 23rd- 26thAugust 2018

Perfectly encapsulating the Summer season, the Sunshine Lake Festival promises to be an amazing four days of electronic music and art.

It's the ultimate chilled out experience, complete with a swimmable lake, water screen projections and the promise of some beautiful sunsets.

The event will include three main areas. The Sunrise stage – the main stage – will host a wide range of electronic music acts. The Sunset stage offers more alternative kinds of music, including chill-out and reggae dub. There is also a Healing area that provides workshops and practices such as shiatsu, yoga and reiki. There is also a biopool and sauna for extra relaxation time.

Hide and Seek World Championship

Consonno, 24th- 26thAugust 2018

When I was a kid (many moons ago now), I used to love playing hide and seek. So many hiding places from behind the sofa to inside the cupboard.

If you enjoyed hide and seek too, then you can relive those memories at a hide and seek championship. Now about to enter its ninth edition, the Nascondino World Championship will take place in the small village of Consonno between 24thand 26thAugust.

It's an event that attracts around 400 competitors who come from around the world to take part. The contest is structured for five in a team (usually for competitors between 25 and 40), and takes place in a number of elimination stages before the final showdown on the Sunday afternoon between the five winning teams. The winners get a golden fig leaf, which is the symbol of hide and seek.

Visitors to the contest can enjoy a good time over this weekend. There are also craft beers to sample, street foods to eat and music to listen to. Don't hide yourselves away – come and enjoy this great event!

Venice International Film Festival

29thAugust - 8thSeptember 2018

One of the best-known international film festivals reaches a landmark this year. The Venice International Film Festival will mark its 75thedition in style with a number of special screenings and events.

Among the films shown at this year's event is the premiere of A Star Is Born, which stars Lady Gaga and is directed by Bradley Cooper. Meanwhile, Damien Chazelle's First Man will kick off the festival – the movie stars Ryan Gosling, Jason Clarke and Claire Foy.

The special guest line-up includes Vanessa Redgrave, who will pick up her Lifetime Achievement award. Many more special guests and big screen movies are set to be announced in the next couple of weeks.