A Tribute to the Apulian Tradition of Tomato Sauce Preparation

| Fri, 10/04/2013 - 04:00

The Apulian summer tradition of preparing the tomato sauce for the winter is the subject of a documentary called “La Salsa”. “The documentary is meant to study the tradition of sauce preparation involving entire families and in particular the elderly who pass on to children and grandchildren one of the preservation methods of tomato,” the director of the documentary, Giuseppe Campanale, explains on his website. “Through a healthy technique that uses local products and ancient knowledge, this precious and hearty food can be stocked up on and stored for months during winter.”

Tomato was imported in Italy in the 16th century and, while in the beginnings it was considered a decorative plant, with time it has become a staple of the Italian culinary tradition. From the south of Italy, it spread to the rest of the country inspiring several dishes, first and foremost tomato sauce. The documentary brings the testimonies of those who still adjust their lives to the cycle of seasons and the work in the fields, and focuses on one numerous family from Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari) and an Arbereshe family from San Marzano di San Giuseppe (Taranto). "La Salsa" is still in the making, and the project was presented on September 29 in Rome at the Club of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of the event “Eating healthy, living well”. Watch the documentary teaser:

For more information, please visit director Giuseppe Campanale's website: https://giuseppecampanale.com/