A Very Tempting Torta di Melone

Fri, 09/16/2022 - 06:53
image of sliced cantaloupe cake on a green and white checked tablecloth
Difficulty Level
Cooking Time
35 minutes, plus 30 minutes passive

There’s a charming saying about melons in Emilia-Romagna: Gli uomini sono come i meloni — molti cattivi e pochi buoni (People are like melons — there are lots of bad ones and only a few good ones). Recognizing a “good melon” can indeed take some trial and error!

Once you’ve got a prime melon in your possession, though, this cake is a perfect way to use it. Speckled with pretty orange bits of cantaloupe, it’s as lovely as it is luscious. Cantaloupe adds an amazing moistness

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