BBC World Service in Tuscany

Paul Mc Ateer Image
09/10/2009 - 08:32

Can anyone advise what type of radio that I need to receive BBC World Service in Tuscany ?Also, can a DAB radio pick up BBC radio stations ?Any thoughts appreciated.Paul



 Paul I understand that due to the spread of the Internet, short band wireless broadcast,s especially to Europe, by the World Service have been drastically reduced.Your best bet would be to either listen via your compouter or, better still, invest in an Internet Radio - saves having the computer on. SimonandJo

PaulDAB and internet radio are two different things. If Italy has DAB, I am not sure, it will just give you local radio stations and possibly the RAI networks depending on your location because as in the UK, coverage is not universal. It certainly will not give you the World Service.  Internet Radio on the other hand will give you 5,000 or so stations from around the world including the World Service and all the BBC national and local stations. I am currently listening to Classic FM from the Middle East over the internet using a Bush (remember them) TR2015 which cost me about £60 a couple of years ago.Internet radio is brill, Google internet radios and you will find lots of choice, however, bear in mind you will need a decent internet connection and usually wireless, so you can move the radio around.   Charlie

 Sibillini's post gives you the info.. A&R. If you have a wirelss internet connection in the house then you can pretty much have the radio anywhere in the property or even just outside, within reason.Loads of them on thje likes of Amamzon, but the postage is pretty high. Haven't seen much in the Italian market place though.Trying to save a few centissimi towards one and dropping major hints to my sons - although deaf ears at the mo. SimonandJo

If you have broadband connection go to BBC site and you can have instant radio four etc and if you do not then you can have quality world service from hotbird satellite, personally I prefer Euronews on the telly.