Man with a BIG van/removals firm to move our stuff to Italy

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02/19/2011 - 10:36

Hi there The year is finally here after 5 years in the planning and we are moving to our lovely house in Umbria as soon as our house here sells - likely to be July/August.  We need either a man with a 7.5 tonne van to drive our stuff across from the Cambridge area to near Tavernelle about 1/2 hr from Perugia in Umbria, or a reasonably priced firm that perhaps takes part loads across in an artic then delivers them around?  I am in contact with coseperlacasa (or something like that!!) from the forum recommendations but it seems he may not have a big enough vehicle.  Anyone please got any other recommendations as to whom I could try if he is unable to help? Thanks so much, I am now VERY excited................(but Florence my cat is not at the thought of the car journey across).......   Cedric xx


Hi Cedric We used a company called Fox`s that moved our stuff from Wales to Tavernelle about three years ago the cost then was £1,850 for 20 cubic metres,everything went to plan and i would recomend them but because it was a part load the truck was so big they couldn`t  deliver right to the door,so the last 500 yards was ferrying the boxes in the car,something you may need to consider when booking someone if you have any big furniture.

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Thanks everso for this Elvis.  I have looked them up on the internet and sent them a form for a quote.  Sounds like you may live near us if you are in Tavernelle?  We are in Pratalenza up in the hills on the Piegaro road - perhaps we might meet for a drink/pizza in Tavernelle sometime............ Did you use Andrea, the local guy who is an accountant & legal advocate along with being a part time estate agent assistant, Italian teacher and filler in/applier for all manner of forms?

Elvis/Cedric We are also looking to get our furniture over to "middle Italy" (approx 23sq m) - part load on an 'Artic seems to be cheapest but virtually all quote requests/emails not being answered - where abouts was Fox's based, is that the Kent company? and they did part loads?  Thanks

Hi Rimcm Fox`s have their head office in Wales but have offices in quite a few places around the country,including London,Southampton and Bournmouth,so would imagine they have most places covered. We had a part load on an artic,which was the cheapest way to get our stuff here. I just gave them a ring,they were very helpful and sent someone around to give us an estimate on the square meterage.We packed up and boxed most of the items ourselves in good strong boxes but they do provide this service. Good luck on the move.