With all the serious posts around at the moment Cost

02/18/2011 - 09:34

With all the serious posts around at the moment Cost of this, Dangers of that, how much is this going to cost me  and should I rewire my house etc (no disrespect intended to any poster); but I though we should lighten up the discussions with a very important topic (well to me anyway) of  Aperitivo.... what is the favored tipple; a nice glass of Prosecco, Campari and Soda, cool beer.....I must say I'm a Campari man myself with a splash of tonic and slice of Orange. With Spring on the horizon and the prospect of lighter evenings what should I plump for whilst sitting at my Bar on the Piazza...??cheeky


if you are a REAL campari man then you will be drinking the true campari (bitter cordial)as opposed to the campari soda. Then i would really absolutely recommend that you drink a NEGRONI ,it's not anti pc, it is in fact one of the greatest and oldest italian cocktails it's campari bitter (a lot of ice biggish glass) punt e mes and gin all in three parts with a big slice of orange too. if you can't get punt e mes (an old fashoined bitter piemontese drink) in your bar then you'll have to get them to use red martini until they can get their act together and order a bottle of punt e mes for your aperitivo ...right sir.

Have often seen it in Bars and supermarkets but never tried it, always wondered what it was, thought maybe it was one of those awful herb/liquor combinations that tasted like cough medicine....shall be my first request tonight..

A seriously foolhardy Mancunian mate of mine is strangely (and possibly fatally) addicted to an allegedly magical liqueur called Strega. He is running short of supplies and has asked for my help. I can't find the damn stuff in the retail outlets of Civitanova Marche. Does anyone among the Marche chapter have a lead?

can actually be found in italy. usually with difficulty outside major cities or specialist stores although some better supermarkets have it.it appears that almost the entire production of this "niche" liquer is exported....lots to the U.S.A because ,i believe,they use it in Harvey wall bangers....it's more commonly referred to here as Galliani/o which if i remember correctly is the company that makes it somewhere in the north.....

I'm with Gala on this one - definitely prosecco! Balmy evenings drinking in an Italian piazza seem a long way off. I am writing this in Sheffield and it is snowing heavily outside... On the subject of Galliano, I came across this cocktail recipe. It's called a Yellow Bird.   Ingredients [ oz |   1 oz Bacardi 151 (or any light rum)   0.5 oz Galliano   0.5 oz Banana Liqueur   2 oz Orange Juice   1 oz Pineapple Juice Blend in a cocktail shaker and serve with ice.

...without a doubt is Prosecco (sometimes carried through to the meal, regardless of whether it's fish or meat!) followed by a G&T as a closeish second. To be avoided completely are my father's  "Martini Dry" which consist of gin, dry Martini, a splash of Angostura Bitters shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice(he's 97) and topped off with a slice of lemon - followed by a severe hangover!