Working in Italy as a mechanic

08/29/2009 - 16:08

Hi, my husband and I are looking to move to Southern Italy in the next few years. My husband is a qualified mechanic here in England. Does anyone know what sort of money a mechanic in Southern Italy could expect to earn and whether UK City and Guilds qualifications would be recognised? Many thanksToni



 Mechanics and carrozzierie - body shops are probably the best earners in South Italy - theres certainly enough work - as most cars have only 3rd party insurance.  However, whether a city and guilds is recognised in Italy I dont know - your first stop should be the Italian Conuslate as even if it is recognised it would have to be translated for the Camera di Commercio (the CCIAA - Chamber of Commerce) to put your husband in its albo (register) of mechanics.   ill ask around. 

Many thanks to Ram and Chardonnay for your replies. It sounds encouraging! We do both speak what would probably be classed as intermediate Italian, but my husband would need to concentrate on motor trade words to feel more confident working there I guess. Still he has got a bit of time yet.Thanks again.Toni