Italy Plans 442-Mile Cycle Path

| Fri, 10/04/2013 - 05:15
words by Carol King Plans to build a 422-mile cycle path in northern Italy are closer to fruition after Italy’s Minister for Culture and Tourism, Massimo Bray, praised the idea. Known as the ‘VenTo’, the path would run from Turin to Venice, taking in the banks of the Po River towns, as well as cities and towns such as Pavia, Cremona and Ferrara. After a meeting with Vento’s proponents, Bray praised the proposal, saying it could be an example of sustainable development for the country. He said that VenTo could also improve the experience of those visiting the Expo 2015 Universal Exposition, which will be hosted in Milan in 2015. The VenTo proposal was launched four years ago, but Bray’s positive reaction to it means that the cycle path is one step closer to becoming a reality. VenTo spokesperson, Paolo Pileri, said: “The government is starting to say: ‘this is interesting’.” VenTo advocates suggest that it could create 2,000 jobs and its estimated €80 million construction cost could offset a boost in tourism of as much as €100 million a year. If VenTo is realised, it would be the longest cycle path in both Italy and southern Europe.