Things to Do and See in Italy in June 2022

Mon, 05/30/2022 - 13:43

Much of this month's list puts an emphasis on communication. Whether through language in song, poetry or show, June's festival line-up seeks to educate everyone about the different forms of language and cultures. In addition, there are ideas for furniture and its accessories, fairytales and traditional foods.

As always, please check the websites given for any last-minute changes and stay safe!

Artists in the Square

Pennabilli, 1st - 5th June 2022


You may not know much about street art, but Pennabilli's Artists In The Square knows what you like. Gathering together some of the finest street artists from around the world, Pennabilli's international festival of performing arts has received its fair share of acclaim during its past 25 editions, with the 26th guaranteed to introduce more interesting and entertaining acts this year.

The streets and squares of Pennabilli come alive with all kinds of entertainment, including specially prepared performances, shows and concerts. Many of the shows are free of charge, although it's worth checking the website to find the ones that require a fee.

Andersen Festival

Sestri Levante, 3rd - 19th June 2022



A fairytale experience awaits you at the forthcoming Andersen Festival. There's no escaping the world of fantasy at Sestri Levante, where the town's squares, streets and even beaches bring the fairytale to life with vivid verve and splendor.

The Andersen Festival revels in both the classic and unconventional methods of telling fairytale stories. It puts on shows, music performances, circuses and encourages participation from attendees through interactive exhibitions and laboratories. Street artists will be entertaining passers-by with their own brand of fairytale performance.

A great festival for kids, and a memorable day out for all the family – who says that fairytales can't come true?

Salone International Furniture Fair

Milan, 7th - 12th June 2022


Whether you're moving into a new house or want a revamp of your current abode, Salone International Furniture Fair can provide some inspiration.

The internationally renowned festival attracts massive numbers of visitors, as well as journalists, designers, design students, architects and more. It's said that over 370,000 visitors are expected to visit the festival to see the latest in furnishing and furnishing accessories design. The exhibition also extends to various locations in Milan, including exhibitions and design outlets.

The Furniture Fair essentially comprises several exhibitions in one, with separate areas dedicated to sectors such as kitchens, accessories, bathrooms, lighting, and the latest in technological innovations.

fiera milan

Lo Spirito del Pianeta Festival

Bergamo, 8th - 26th June 2022


Many events can not only entertain, but educate, too. That's the aim of Bergamo's Lo Spirito del Pianeta Festival, which not only puts on a show but teaches visitors about the history of tribal music from around the world.

The central attraction is the tribal music performances from cultures and tribes including the Aztecs, Native Americans, Aborigines and Incas. As well as these (each of which has a day dedicated to them), there are special cultural initiatives to enjoy and food to sample at the restaurants. There is also a large scale market and interactive activities such as courses and group shows for all the family to enjoy.

Parole Spalancate Poetry Festival

Genoa, 9th - 19th June 2022


Sheer poetry – literally. That's what you get when you visit Parole Spalancate, due to hold its 28th edition. One of the biggest festivals of its kind dedicated to poetry, the event can command more than 1700 visiting poets from around the world. For those who can't come to the festival in person, Parole Spalancate makes a virtue of its technical abilities, streaming live performances online. Everyone can enjoy the readings, whether at the festival or from the comfort of their own home.

Another worthy innovation is that some poems can be performed with the aid of sign language, meaning that those with hearing difficulties can enjoy the event too. The poetry reading performances are free of charge.

Casatiello Fair

Sant’Arpino, 17th - 19th June 2022


Many events throughout the year in Italy revolve around a classic local food. The Casatiello Fair is a case in point, celebrating what was once a peasant food. Peasants and farmers would create a stuffed bread, using ingredients such as cheese and meat for the filling. The creation was usually concocted around the time of Easter.

Today, the Casatiello's possibilities have extended to produce variations on both sweet and sour versions. The Casatiello Fair will be providing these for visitors to sample, and for those who aren't especially hungry, there are plenty of other things to enjoy, including music, shows, art exhibitions and guided tours of the nearby Doge's Palace and Church of Sant’Elpidio.

Suq Festival

Genoa, 17th - 26th June 2022


Along with Lo Spirito del Pianeta Festival, Genoa's Suq Festival is a worthy attempt to teach about other cultures and customs.

Whereas the former was more about tribal music and dances, Sug Festival focuses on the language between different cultures, a concept explored through the medium of performances such as concerts, shows, public cooking and also through special workshops. It's an event that is especially useful for kids, who, from an early age, can learn about the dialogue between cultures around the world.

Because of Covid-19, the previous two events went online, but this year's returns to the original in-person format – its 24th – with plenty to engage and surprise visitors.