La Venaria Reale: A Haunted Palace?

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 02:30

Is Turin's Royal Palace of Venaria haunted?

The EPAS, the National Institute for the research and study of paranormal phenomena, thinks so. A series of sound recording instruments and cameras placed strategically around the building have registered strange sounds, whispers and voices, while other unknown phenomena have affected the normal functioning of the cameras - and it all happens at night.  

Experts from the Institute, which have been nicknamed “the ghostbusters”, have been scouring every corner of the historic palace, the former residence of the Royal House of Savoy, included in the UNESCO Heritage list since 1997, in search of clues. They are assisted by devices such as high sensitivity recorders, cameras that snap when they detect movements, infrasound and ultrasound instruments.

Beginning last year, in the summer, the Venaria, located in Venaria Reale, just outside of Turin, started offering nighttime tours of the palace, starting at 7 pm until midnight, as well as dinners and special events, and it’s planning to replicate this year.  

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