Primo Piano Food Court Opens above Florence’s Central Market

| Thu, 05/01/2014 - 03:00

12 shops, 500 seats, 3,000 square meters of space for foodies and lovers of Italian cuisine to enjoy at the new ‘primo piano’ (first floor) above Florence’s central market in the San Lorenzo area. Designed by Archea Associati, the 19th century space has been refurbished and modernized employing simple materials such as cast iron, rope and wood to enhance the space.

Clearly a lot of work and effort was put into this project, deputy mayor Dario Nardella said: “We are proud of this space back in the hands of the city thanks to a group of entrepreneurs who believed in the project. This is a place that makes a difference, worth of a great International capital”.

The new ‘primo piano’ also gives a boost to the area of San Lorenzo that has undergone recent controversy over 83 market stands that were moved from in front of the church's facade.

From 10am to midnight every day, people can flock to this beautifully designed space dedicated to gastronomy in order to grab a freshly made pizza Napoletana, pick up some bread or mozzarella di bufala, sip an artisan beer at a cool pub, pick up a Fiorentina jersey and even take cooking classes. On site you can also find a library and a special Eataly section for those who want to take some local recipes home with them. This is a place that seeks to bring artisan-made goods and foodstuffs to the wider public, a real-life ‘Made in Italy’ center for the enjoyment of all.

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