Things to Do and See in Italy (Online) this May 2020

Wed, 04/29/2020 - 09:17
illustration of Venice

John Bensalhia continues his look at online things to do this May...

We're continuing the online events this month, as the current coronavirus crisis continues. Luckily, several peoples are putting together special online initiatives that will keep everyone entertained and informed - this along with museums you can visit virtually. Here are some notable examples...


Gothicat Festival Live Stream

2nd May 2020 

Various online music events continue this month. If you're partial to Goth music, then this online charity event will be right up your street. The event is raising money for the effort against the Covid-19 virus and boasts two hours of unreleased and previously unseen live video clips from worldwide darkwave/goth musicians. The line-up will include Dive, Soviet Soviet, Psyche, Tempers, Kirlian Camera, Sixth June, Kælan Mikla, Chameleons Vox, RENDEZ-VOUS, and The Exploding Boy. The event kicks off at 10pm European time (Rome). You can catch the videos at the above streaming links, and if you wish to make a donation. 


SipSoc Virtual Red Wines of Italy 'Tasting'

12th May 2020 - Eventbrite Link

In times like these, there's nothing more comforting than a sneaky glass of wine in the evening. In the garden, at supper, or chilling out in front of the TV, a taste of your favourite wine can't be beaten. If you'd also like to drink in more knowledge about the red wines of Italy, an online virtual tasting is happening on 12th May at 8pm BST. SipSoc is a wine tasting company that creates bespoke events for parties and businesses, and will be your host for this special virtual tasting. There will be tips about wine tasting and insights into the wonders of Italian wine. All you need to do is to share the event with friends who might be interested, book a log-in space, and have a bottle of wine handy!

Venice meets.... with Monica Cesarato

Daily at 6pm CET

Venetian tour guide and blogger Monica Cesarato is hosting daily Instagram live chats from Venice with people all over Italy or whom have an Italy connection in some way. The chats last roughtly 40 minutes and are casual catchups to hear from the lockdown situation from those live it daily. 


AlmaOrienta, the Virtual Fair of the University of Bologna

14th and 15th May 2020 - More info here.

While we're all in limbo at the moment, and it seems impossible to think about at times, nevertheless, the future is still ours to make. And that includes those of us thinking about where to go for university. The University of Bologna has come up with a special two-day virtual introduction to its many facilities. For school students looking at their college prospectives or graduate students seeking a postgraduate course, the University of Bologna has much to offer, and so, AlmaOrienta invites you to a virtual fair on 14th and 15th May (From 9.30 am).
The online fair will feature details of its 233 degree programs, scholarship and financial aid, international mobility, as well as the chance to talk with current students and alumni.


Emilia Romagna's Motor Valley Fest

14th - 17th May 2020 - More info here.

Returning this month, Emilia Romagna's Motor Valley Fest will be taking a virtual path, bringing a special online edition to thousands of fans. The various brands of some of Italy's finest motor vehicles will discuss the current automotive industry and its notable trends, as well as its future – for instance, the exciting advances in assisted driving and the potential of the electric sector.

The four-day online event will also be a platform to promote both the Emilia Romagna region and Italy, branching out into the wide variety of Italian industries, universities, research institutes, as well as its unique history and culture. There will be a large-scale forum for discussing professional prospects, educational paths and innovations with start-ups, universities and students. Plus, a wide range of prestigious Italian and international speakers who will be there to discuss in-depth themes.

Other notable highlights include an Innovation & Talents sector, which is devoted to special talents, start-ups and universities. A new interactive look will be unveiled for meetings between students and companies, including a virtual networking area that will showcase the professional opportunities in the Emilia Romagna Motor Valley.


Wine Wednesdays with Curious Appetite 

Wednesdays, 6pm PT, More info here


Coral Sisk aka founder of the Curious Appetite Tour Company will be leading an online wine tasting hour every Wednesday 6pm Pacific Coast time! Think a mini-version of her Italian Wine Sessions in SF but on Zoom with the option of curated wine shopping lists or getting wine to your door. Coral's goal is to help you better understand why Italian wine is so lovable and how to deliciously pair with food you also love. Participants will be sent tasting sheets via e-mail. This online tasting will give you memorable useful and help you better understand technical terms i.e. full bodied, mineral vs fruit forward, high/low acidity, terroir, biodynamic/natural/organic wines, sweet vs dry, tannin, corked, when and when not to decant, etc

Online Italy Experiences with ArtViva

From April 29th through May, More info here.

If you’re in lockdown or unable to travel for a long time why not take a look Artviva's live classes to keep you occupied and having fun all while enjoying Italy, albeit virtually. Choose between the chance to experience one of the world’s greatest masterpieces up close with one of the world’s leading Leonardo Da Vinci scholars on May 1st, or a one-of-a-kind cooking lesson with their very own Ph.D. Italian noble count. 

TF Together: online community events

All of May, Weekdays at 5pm CET

If there’s one positive thing to come out of the Coronavirus lockdown, it’s the outpouring of creativity and sense of community that it’s generating. The number of online seminars, exercise routines and social events is mind-boggling. The Florentine (the English magazine based in Florence) is offering a weekly series of events and opportunities with the members of the local creative community. The platform is in place and the program is extensive thanks to the participation of everyone who makes life in Florence and Italy exciting. They aim to keep you limber, sane, cooking, reading, and so much more. Keep checking the link above to see their weekly lineup. 

Let's Write To Italy

23rd May 2020, More info here. 

A problem for families with young children is how to keep the young 'uns entertained and educated. Fortunately, there are some good online events that accomplish both of these aims. One of these is an Italian workshop organised by Collina Italiana. On 23rd May, a special Collina Italiana online workshop will be helping children between the ages of five and 10 to explore their creativity while learning Italian. The online event will be held between 1pm and 2pm. Not only do events like this help kids to learn more, it helps to boost their skills and self-confidence. Definitely a write thing to do.

Molise Told And Walked

Throughout May 2020, More info here

Everything you wanted to know about the picturesque location of Molise from its history to its culture can now be accessed online through a series of special online sessions. The online sessions began in April, and will continue to enlighten and entertain this May. The first part of the meeting has already seen Molise trekking's Antonio Meccanici and narratographer Stefano Di Maria take you through Molise's local characteristics and the natural, historical and cultural aspects of the region.Future sessions in May will invite questions, comments and memories connected with Molise, as well as suggestions as to what to read, see and enjoy.

Live Online Cooking Classes With Raffaella

Throughout May 2020, More info here.

Cooking classes are all the rage at the moment as homebound folks take inspiration from some inspired online ideas and recipes. It's a great way to come up with creative and tasty recipes for individuals and their families – and Raffaella's live classes are no exception. All that's required is a computer, smartphone or iPad with webcam, the Zoom application (which can easily be downloaded), and a taste for good food. Raffaella's classes encourage participants to produce a three-course meal from scratch, and usually span around two to two and a half hours. You'll be emailed copies of the recipes and relevant ingredients, so don't worry about preparation too much! Among the recipes proposed by Raffaella are Eggplants Parmigiana, Rocciata, Fresh pasta with Sausages Ragu, Chocolate and Pears cake, and Tiramisù. Classes are available throughout the week (apart from Wednesdays and Sundays), with private online live cooking classes available on request.