Gambero Rosso Publishes Guide to Best Italian Pizzerias

| Thu, 07/10/2014 - 02:45

Gambero Rosso, the publisher of highly regarded guides to the best Italian restaurants, has recently published its 2015 Pizzeria guide, which reviews 450 pizza establishments in Italy.

The guide, "Pizzerie d'Italia 2015" rates top pizzerias with a symbol showing three pizza slices or three pizza wheels, depending on whether it refers to whole or cut pizza.

The guide divides pizzas into three categories: Neapolitan, Italian and gourmet pizzas.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Campania leads in the category of Neapolitan pizza with 12 restaurants.

In the category of Italian pizza, Lazio leads with three locales, and in the gourmet category it is Veneto first, followed by Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Lombardy.

“Pizza is at the dawn of a great new season, thanks to an increasing numbers of skilled pizzaioli, keeping the tradition alive or reinventing it with gourmet interpretations,” the guide’s curators said. “These pizza chefs share the determination to keep the standards high for a food product that is a symbol of the Made in Italy by focusing on the excellence of each ingredient.''

You can find a list of the best pizzerias as rated by Gambero Rosso here

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