The Umbrian Town with the Largest Christmas Tree on Water

Thu, 11/18/2021 - 01:15
Castiglione del Lago’s Christmas tree projected on the waters of the lake. Photo credit: Luci sul Trasimeno Facebook page.

Here’s another place you may want to add to your list of worthy Christmas destinations in Italy: Castiglione del Lago in Umbria, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, about 50 km from the regional capital of Umbria. 

The charming village overlooking the lake is hosting ‘Luci sul Trasimeno’, an event whose main draw is the large Christmas tree that will be built and projected on the waters of the lake. It is said to be the largest Christmas tree in the world designed on water and, after the great success of 2019, with more than 200,000 visitors, and no event in 2020 due to Covid-19, this year the light show will return to cheer up everyone’s spirit. 

In an effort to be environmentally-conscious, the energy used to light the tree will be 12 kWh, which corresponds to the average light usage of four small apartments, and will come from certified renewable sources.

Made up of almost 2,600 lights, the tree will be on display until January 9. ‘Luci sul Trasimeno’ features a series of events, including a Christmas market, entertainment shows, both along the village streets and inside the medieval fortress, as well as attractions for the whole family, such as Santa Claus’ house, an ice-skating ring, a monumental nativity scene . 

Visitors can adopt a light for €20 that will be used to plant an olive tree for every light adopted. The olive tree has been chosen because it is a symbol of peace and hope.

For more information, visit Luci sul Trasimeno website